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"I went deep to find out exactly how MAFS' Michael Goonan got so damn rich. Please join me."

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In the vicious landscape of entertainment journalism, sometimes you come into work and your editor asks you to investigate the multi-million dollar business of MAFS contestant, Michael Goonan.

And to this, I say: challenge accepted.

Yes, I’m talking about Michael Goonan who is the ‘Company Director’ of Adelaide Ice. Paired with mum-of-two, Stacey Hampton, he says he’s been working since he was 12, before becoming a millionaire at 24.

“I can’t remember a week since when I was 12, a week when I wasn’t working. I’m the director of a cold-storage and food manufacturing business,” he tells audiences in his MAFS introduction package.

“When I was 24 years old, I was able to afford a property over one million dollars.”

In short, he’s rich. Like really, really, crazy rich.

But we needed to know more and so we Googled. A lot.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Exactly what goes down behind the scenes (not really). Post continues below.

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The LinkedIn search

Covering our initial bases, we got on LinkedIn.

However, nothing came up. Disappointed but unperturbed, we continued.

Next up, Google.

A quick Google search revealed a few articles mentioning the name Michael Goonan and Adelaide Ice. This was when we made our first discovery: THERE ARE TWO MICHAEL GOONANS.

From what we can gather, Michael Goonan (from MAFS) also has a dad called… Michael Goonan. It looks like his dad was a Scottish businessman who went from running nursing homes in the UK to owning South Australia’s biggest ice-manufacturing and distribution company – Adelaide Ice.


According to a 2016 interview with Migration Solutions, he moved to Australia in 2000 (when Michael was around eight). That’s when he bought Reliable Ice which he renamed to Adelaide Ice before transforming it to the company it now is.

“Initially in 2000 we opened an online grocery shopping company – and whilst it was initially successful, a combination of the decline in 2000, and possibly being too early in the marketplace, meant that it didn’t end up playing out as a long-term proposition for us,” he told the publication.

“To be honest, I stumbled into the ice business.

“That was in 2002, and I ended up just deciding to take a chance and buy it.”

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The other Michael Goonan. Image: Migration Solutions.

For those not across the intricacies of the South Australia ice cube business, Adelaide Ice is the largest ice manufacturing facility in South Australia. They also operate in the Northern Territory under NT ICE and Queensland and Victoria under Arctic Ice.


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But pause, because we need to talk to MAFS. Please cast your memory to the bit in Stacey and Michael's reception after one of Stacey's friends finds "articles" about Michael.

"I've already done research. He's got articles about him on the internet," she says.

"It's all about his ice company.

"Money," her friend concludes.

As the storyline goes (which has since been disputed by the bride), Stacey comes around to her new husband after discovering this information but it seems like her friend might have been referring to the wrong Michael Goonan.


However, Michael does work for Adelaide Ice.

While Michael doesn't 'own' the company per se, he is a director within the company. As stated in his Channel 9 bio, he became a millionaire at 24 after he became a shareholder in his family's business which he now helps to run.

As for what he actually does... we're honestly not too sure. If he would kindly reply to our DMs, that would be great, but I guess he's busy working on his other Director duties.

He's also not the only member of the Goonan family who works for Adelaide Ice. In a 2013 article from The Adelaide Advertiser the publication interviews a woman named Kara Goonan who "does the accounts for her father's business, Adelaide Ice". We assume Kara might be Michael's sister but we're not 100 per cent sure.


He also co-owns a wine company.

Apart from his work with Adelaide Ice, Michael also co-owns a wine label with his friend Calvin Daniels. Together they co-founded the company Australian Sapphire Enterprises 'The Long Night Wine' in May 2019 and produce a range of Shiraz and GSM (Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre) blends from the McLaren Vale region. They'll set you back $27 to $35 a bottle and you can buy one here.

According to the company's 'About Us' section, they also donate 50 per cent of their profits made to "charities and causes of need".

"These include domestic violence, suicide prevention, and natural disasters. We aim to be a charitable company within our community and beyond. Demonstrating leadership in assisting others, as well as recognising the important connection between fine quality wine, good business, and the community," they write.

"At the end of the day, these Men are real people that have a strong work ethic, appreciate their family and friends, and are involved in their everyday business by delivering their promise in remaining true to their vision in 'making a difference'."

Expanding on The Long Night Wine's charitable values, Michael says:

“No one likes getting stopped in a shopping centre and asked for money it's uncomfortable, you feel like pretending your on the phone when you walk past," he writes on the site.

"I want to be able to support and give but I can't ask everyone to part from their hard-earned money so …. It’s a win, win you drink a fantastic bottle of wine with your partner or loved ones- and know you’re getting a quality product and its proceeds are going towards making a difference”.


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New wine venture kicking goals as the finals are getting approved @cdanielssapphire here’s a toast to not bottling up our dreams. ????

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And there you have it. After 19+ active tabs, an unanswered DM and a newly gained understanding of South Australia's ice trade, that is everything we know about the enigma that is Michael Goonan (junior).

Mission accomplished.

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