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"That wasn't even bad!" Just all the best reactions to Stacey and Michael's roadside date.

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After the chaos of last night’s MAFS girls’ night, tonight’s episode was a bit… well, underwhelming.

We started things off with Stacey and Michael’s final date. And while Stacey was dreaming of shopping in Dubai or visiting her local Sephora, Michael had… other plans. After leaving her keys to a Lamborghini, Michael rocked up in a car which he so eloquently referred to as a “heap of shit”.

Things only got worse for Stacey when Michael pulled out some trusty Bunnings deck chairs for their roadside date, complete with pies and fruit Pop Tops for lunch (aka every Aussie kid’s dream). Yep, it’s The Bachelor’s dirty street pie all over again and we secretly loved it.

After roughing it on the street for a whole five minutes, Stacey was rewarded with a beach mansion and a bottle of champagne. Proving to Michael and the rest of the nation, she couldn’t possibly “get any more down to earth than that.”

Meanwhile, Lizzie is ecstatic because she gets to visit an animal sanctuary with Seb for their final date. After one too many jokes about Seb being a tiger in the bedroom, the pair talk about their feelings while sharing a very small bath together.

Steve and Mishel have their date in Luna Park because Seb and Lizzie spent all the budget on their date. After running around the theme park pretending to be a couple, Mishel FINALLY calls Steve out on his lack of intimacy and realises they’re never going to work romantically.

Here’s how Australia reacted.








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