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Married at First Sight's Melissa has levelled a very pointed criticism at the experts.

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Melissa and Dino’s ‘marriage’ was rocky from the start, but after Dino secretly recorded his ‘wife’ talking to her sister on the photo, their ‘marriage’ was never going to recover.

We knew it, Melissa knew it, Dino knew it, and John Aiken definitely knew it.

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira decided to end their ‘marriage’ during Sunday night’s Married At First Sight commitment ceremony, and 38-year-old Melissa has slammed the experts for putting them together in the first place.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, she said she felt she and Dino had been matched as a “joke”.

“I did think ‘We’ve been put in here as a joke’, for entertainment,” she said.

“They chose us to be the ones that were completely incompatible.”

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Melissa said she felt Dino had a rehearsed personality that he’d put on whenever cameras were rolling and wasn’t being himself.

MAFS wasn’t Dino’s first attempt at finding reality TV love – the 34-year-old had previously been on Channel 7’s First Dates where he got down on one knee when he first met his date.

Yeah… the exact same move he pulled when he met Melissa.

“It was exactly the same!” she told the Telegraph. “Get some new material mate.”

Before announcing their mutual decision to leave on Sunday night, Melissa and Dino clashed after he secretly recorded her on the phone to her sister.

Dino said he overheard Mel insulting him, so he wanted a recording to confront her with later.

Mel felt like her privacy had been invaded and questioned if he’d recorded her any other times.

John Aiken had precisely no time for their arguing, interrupting the pair to ask whether they were staying or going.

They were going, of course, and with that we said goodbye.