'I wish I didn't go.' Mamamia recaps the feud between MAFS' Martha and Sunrise's Kochie.

There’s an Australian celebrity feud I can’t stop thinking about and yes, it obviously involves Sunrise presenter David Koch, and Married at First Sight‘s Martha Kalifatidis.

It all started on the Logies red carpet, when Martha allegedly elbowed Kochie aggressively in the ribs.

As someone who was at the Logies on Sunday night I have to admit that while I did not witness the incident, it isn’t an entirely unlikely scenario. Martha and her partner from the show, Michael, were on the red carpet for a lengthy period of time, allowing ample opportunity for an elbowing. Their appearance also did cross over with Kochie’s. In Martha’s defence, however, the red carpet was packed, and a rogue elbow may have been the result of an accident.

Watch Martha’s YouTube video about the Logies. Post continues after video.

Regardless of the existence and/or extent of Martha’s elbowing, Kochie escalated the feud by sharing his version of events on national television, with his friends Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr.

On Monday morning, the Sunrise cast were reflecting on Logies night when Kochie said: “I’ve still got bruises in the ribs from the Married at First Sight woman who elbowed me on the way through.”

“The one with the dark hair?” Natalie Barr clarified. “She was fierce.”

Samantha Armytage then identified the unknown dark haired woman, explaining “someone’s saying Martha in my ear, I don’t know. Couldn’t pick her out of a line up. But my God did she get you in the ribs.”

“She had attitude,” Natalie Barr added.

A joke was then made about how you shouldn’t get in the way of a woman who wants her 15 minutes of fame, before Kochie interjected, “she’s quite short isn’t she”.

Kochie, pls. Just because you’re 6’2”.

'Sir, that's a low blow.' Image via Channel 7.

Look, the feud probably could've ended right then and there. With the Sunrise panel having a laugh about a reality star, and then moving on to Cash Cow or something equally as important.

But no.

This is a reality star who is trying to build her YouTube following.

So with a 17 minute video titled 'THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LOGIES', Martha and Kochie have become the James Charles and Tati of Australia's TV world. Minus the rival supplement brands. And the level of fame. And a great majority of the controversy. But still.

In the YouTube video, both Martha and her partner Michael Brunelli raise their frustrations with the multiple media reports about what occurred at the Logies.

"Kochie claimed that Martha elbowed him in the ribs as she walked past him on the red carpet, intentionally," Michael says, with the sincerity of a conversation about what's really going on at the US/Mexican border.


"...To get him out of the way so I could get to the press and have my photo taken," Martha adds.

Then, trying to retell the Sunrise conversation, Martha finds herself unable to remember Samantha Armytage's name.

"Who was the lady? What was her name? Sam. She made fun of me, said she couldn't pick me out of a line up."


OMG. That's so mean. The woman whose name you can't remember said she doesn't know who you are. How rude.

Both Martha and Michael discuss how unfair it is to put an allegation of elbowing out on TV without discussing it in person. "It becomes really childish," Michael says.

Martha's also hurt that Kochie called her short, for reasons that are currently unclear.

Michael and Martha then make the point that this Sam Armytage person has spoken before about how much it hurts to be bullied in the media, while ironically doing a bully of Martha!

"I've never got onto my public platform and said anything bad about anyone," Martha insists, just minutes before she acknowledges that she did call her Married at First Sight co-star Jules a snake. On this platform. Like a couple of weeks ago.

She's slimy. Slither slither. Image via YouTube.

To satisfy our need for gossip, the couple go through all the rumours about the MAFS cast at the Logies, to share the TRUTH. As opposed to the LIES that have been circulating. It turns out:

  • Yes, the MAFS cast did have to watch the Logies from a bar, and weren't allowed into the actual event (Rumour: TRUE).
  • Yes, when their co-stars Ines and Jess turned up uninvited, Ines did pretend to vomit on Martha (Rumour: TRUE).


"I don't care about going to the Logies and being in that room," Martha says. "I don't know who any of them are, do you know who they are? Apart from like Guy Sebastian and Matt Preston."


Firstly, Boy George.

Secondly, the cast of Young Sheldon.

I rest my case.

"I kinda wish I didn't go to the Logies now," Martha says, eating the Nandos chips that arrived halfway through filming.

This is officially the greatest celebrity feud of our time and I won't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

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