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Timothy from MAFS explained exactly what happened with Lucinda. Now she's responded.

ICYMI: something has gone down between MAFS faves — Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light — and that something isn't good.

A few weeks ago, Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Timothy and Lucinda had unfollowed each other on Instagram. For those who aren't chronically online, this is about as official as a friendship breakup can get. 

It gets worse. They are no longer tagged in each other's photos on the platform, which suggests they've blocked each other too. This is a far cry from the delightful Lucindothy antics we've seen on social media since the couple exited the MAFS experiment. 

Now more revelations have come to light this week. 


When the rumours first began, Mamamia reached out to both Timothy and Lucinda for comment. 

Lucinda told us that she respects, "Tim's need for unfollowing me and I've expressed to him that my arms and doors are always open."

Timothy declined to comment but then shared his version of what happened in a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle. The MAFS groom claims that since the show finished, he said that away from the cameras he noticed "Lucinda was a little different" from who he had been married to during filming.

"The cameras do that to people," he said. "Lucinda may have buckled under the pressure with so many people wanting a piece of her."

Timothy clarified that he "didn't walk away easily" from their friendship, but added that he gave her "eight chances" which he considered "enough".

He went on to say that he started to feel like a "pawn" from some rumours that were circulating. "Hearing bits and pieces that were untrue, stuff that was twisted, that has been disappointing," he said. 

"I think some people, and I am not just saying Lucinda, but some people have let this spot of notoriety go to their head and I didn't want to go down that path... People have become their characters and that is a dangerous path to go down. You can lose yourself."


Woah, these are some fighting words and the last thing we expected from one-half of Lucindothy.

Now Lucinda has come out and shared her perspective on the situation.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of her and Timothy together, the caption reading: "Conscious, clear and kind communication would have been my preference. If I'd offended Tim, I would have loved a phone conversation toward resolve."

"A couple of times I've confided in other cast members about genuine processes I've had since the show and behaviours that have upset me. I'm sure I'm not alone in that, we all need to process and share. Going on a reality TV show has been a huge experience and in many ways, I'm still processing it."

She went on to say that has "understanding and compassion" for Timothy, and that she takes responsibility for any hurt she may have caused "by sharing my feelings and hurts".


"There are no hard feelings my end and I still hold a lantern of hope for our friendship."

Lucinda then issued a message directly to Timothy, writing: "I'm sorry, I love you and I forgive you."

"I appreciate the feedback from any cast members or anyone that feels I've upset Tim in anyway, certainly not my intention. If Tim doesn't know what I stand for from the months of hanging out then there's nothing I can do to about that. I only wish Tim all the love and success."

Timothy had previously shared a vague statement about his relationship with Lucinda, posting on TikTok to explain that the MAFS cast have all moved "in different directions" since filming wrapped. 


"A lot of the cast have dissipated and we all form our circles or just lose touch," he said.

Tim went on to allude to some drama going on since the show ended. "Whatever's happened behind the scenes, I'm always going to keep that private. And in regards to the online websites or articles about jealousy, about this and about that, they’re all off the mark," he said. 

The former helicopter pilot added that he doesn't plan on elaborating on what exactly caused the feud with Lucinda, adding that only "three or four people" know the real reason.

@timsmith070 Okay, I hope this clears up a few questions if it doesn’t let me know but you know that you’re not gonna get everything. Enjoy the sun everybody and have a great day#life #struggle #chalangeyourself #mensmentalhealth #live #lost #challenge #changing #australia #bigdreams #changing ♬ original sound - Tim Smith

Tim did have some positive sentiments for his ex-wife. "I wish Lu all the best in the future, there is no question. Sometimes people's paths just take different directions and that's where it is," he said.

"I, funnily enough, wish everyone the best in the future. We filmed a TV show and it was a lot of fun. It was hard at some points, it was raw at some points. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, and that's where I'm gonna leave it. It was a great time filmed almost a year ago, and that's how I want to leave it and address it."

Back in May, we spoke to Timothy about how often he caught up with his ex-bride. 

"We see each other, I wouldn't say all the time but we went out to dinner two weeks ago. We're catching up next Saturday up in Brisbane — our paths cross every couple of weeks," he told Mamamia. 


What went wrong? What started this feud? Why am I so attached to my parasocial mum and dad I met on TV?

Australia fell in love with Lucinda and Timothy on the 2024 season of Married at First Sight. She was the ying to his yang, as the twosome managed to balance each other out between Lucinda's openness with her emotions and Timothy's off-and-on emotional repression. 

They became the voice of reason among a cast of particularly loose brides and grooms. Timothy's penchant for stirring up drama in each episode was phenomenal viewing, as was Lucinda's hilarious musings about life and relationships. 

Lucinda and Timothy in happier times. Image: Nine. 


They ended their journey just before Final Vows, but concluded their relationship on friendly terms. Timothy even revealed there was "still hope" for himself and Lucinda to get back together one day. What a dream.

But the dream is dead. 

The unfollowing came after Timothy posted a TikTok about "getting rid" of people in his life. "If people don’t respect your time — and respect is a big word — if they don’t appreciate or respect the time that you give people, cut them out. Get rid of them," he said. 

"Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. We give it out so flippantly for free, and if you don’t respect it and appreciate it, then get rid of them. Don’t let anyone waste one minute of your life and time because if they don’t respect it, they don’t deserve to have it." 

This article was originally published on June 14, 2024 and has since been updated with new information.

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