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All the best reactions to the moment Australia's heart collectively broke in MAFS.

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The first Married At First Sight breakup is here and it’s the last couple we would have expected…

Yep, it looks like Matt and Lauren are over.

Since the season began, we’ve been preparing for lots of drama – but oh boy, this definitely isn’t the kind of drama we were expecting.

Meeting with the other couples at the second dinner party of the season, Matt shared with the other guys that things weren’t exactly going so well between the couple.

“This week, I’ve felt completely and utterly lost,” Matt told the grooms.

MAFS lauren and matt
"I've felt completely and utterly lost." Image: Channel Nine.

"Loz has expressed to me that I don't show her enough affection, that she wants someone who can't get enough of her, and I just... I can't give her that," he added.

"The reason I'm not able to show her the affection, the attention that she wants is because I'm just not attracted to her and just I'm not feeling those urges?"

And then came the five words that broke Australia.

"I'm not attracted to Loz."

MAFS lauren and matt
Image: Channel Nine.

The worst part? Matt's admission was news to Lauren.

Pulling Matt aside, Lauren asked if she'd heard him correctly.

"Did I hear that correctly? That you are not attracted to me. I just feel a bit used, Matt, to be honest," she responded.

"Did you just use me to lose your virginity?"

Here's how Australia reacted to Matt's hurtful words.





Since the reality show premiered, Matt and Lauren have been a fan favourite couple.

But in the last week, the newlyweds relationship quickly became tense.

After losing his virginity to Lauren on their honeymoon, things got a little awkward when Lauren decided to confront her husband about her sexual needs.

"I need someone to be dominant," Lauren said.

"I just feel if you knew half the things that I've experienced in my life, I don't know how you'd handle it," she added.

"How would you feel if I was into swinging or threesomes? I am a very sexually open person."

Married At First Sight returns on Sunday night at 7pm on Channel Nine.

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