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"I'm sick of the excuses." Lauren unleashes on her Married at First Sight husband Matt.

Lauren Huntriss – and the rest of Australia – were left disappointed and puzzled when no-longer-virgin Matt Bennett told his Married At First Sight wife he wasn’t attracted to her.

Now, Lauren has shared in a series of frank Instagram comments just how blindsided she was by the admission and how “unfair” her treatment on the show has been.

In case you missed it, Matt decided to announce at Wednesday night’s dinner party that he was not attracted to Lauren – a fact she hadn’t learned until she overheard his conversation.

Understandably, she was upset.

“Why, Matt, why would you say that in front of… If that’s how you are feeling… Talk to me,” she told him. “I just feel a bit used, Matt. Did you just use me to lose your virginity?”

MAFS lauren and matt
Lauren was taken aback by Matt's revelation. Image: Channel Nine.

After the episode aired, a friend of Lauren's posted a sympathetic comment on her latest Instagram photo lamenting that she hadn't had an opportunity to tell her own story while the couple's screentime focused on Matt's struggles.

"Absolutely, it’s completely unfair," Lauren replied. "Apparently I don’t matter. What can ya do?"

Another friend commented that Matt seemed to not be very sensitive to Lauren's feelings.


"Unfortunately he’s not capable of feelings," Lauren replied. "Since day one it was all about him. I was nothing but supportive and caring of him. This entire story was his story. I’m sick of the excuses."

In comments that appear to have been since deleted, Lauren further admonished her reality TV husband.

Image via Instagram.

"After all I did for him to turn around and say that and not be a man and speak to me in private about how he was feelings," she said, according to

"I’m such an open, non-judgmental person, and the fact that he couldn’t discuss this with me hurts.

"I asked him all the time how he was feeling about everything, and he always just said 'great'!

"Honesty, communication and being open are so important in relationships, something he wouldn’t understand because he’d never been in a relationship ever. Also, something that wasn’t fair on me."

Matt, meanwhile, has seemingly disabled comments on his Instagram account.