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1. “He was like a dog with a bone.” MAFS’ KC and Michael have shared details of their sex life and wow.

Whether they’re flying around in private jets or addressing rumours on InstagramMarried At First Sight contestants, Michael and KC, certainly haven’t been shy about their relationship.

And now the couple have shared details of their sex life and the moment they first got intimate on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show

“‘We actually became boyfriend/girlfriend before we had sex,” KC told the surprised radio hosts.

“Very traditional, I know. It’s usually trying before you buy,” joked Michael.

KC went on to explain that Michael didn’t take no for answer when they were first getting together,

“He was like a dog with a bone. I didn’t want the drama, but I just caved in, and I’m glad that I did,” the 33-year-old dancer said.

The pair later became ‘official’ at an Elton John concert when Michael asked KC to be his girlfriend while Elton sang ‘Candle In The Wind’.

“How could I say no if he asks me out during Candle In The Wind?” joked KC.

Michael shared they had sex for the first time later that night, “That’s when the real Rocketman came out!”

Right… moving on. 

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2. Errrr… Trinny Woodall’s partner just accidentally walked into her Facebook Live butt naked.

Over the past few months, with everyone staying at home, we’ve gained an unprecedented insight into the lives and homes of celebrities.


But sometimes that insight goes a little too far, like when we see a celebrity’s partner in the… nude.

This happened to Trinny Woodall yesterday while she was doing a Facebook Live. Trinny was demonstrating a mask when her partner, Charles Saatchi, entered the screen briefly… completely naked.


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“She had her mask on so I didn’t see if she was embarrassed or not,” a commenter shared with The Sun.


“I’m unsure if she knew he was in camera shot but after he walked past she put her hand up to hide that side of the bathroom.”

It happens to the best of us.

3. “It’s about drama.” MAFS’ Chris believes he was intentionally mismatched with Vanessa on the show.

Although we all know that the Married at First Sight drama is manufactured by brilliant producers off-air, some contestants genuinely believed that they might get matched for love before entering the experiment.

37-year-old Chris Nicholls told Daily Mail Australia, that despite understanding that the show’s success comes from the drama, he assumed they might at least try to match him with someone compatible.


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Striking a pose. Love to the MAFS ppl. #MAFS

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“I actually believed that through all of the pre-research and questions that they ask and all that stuff, that it was actually aimed at finding someone who was actually suited to me, in terms of love and someone to be with as a partner,” he began explaining.

“I’m probably more disappointed in the choice of partner the show gave me, just because of the outcome. This is why the show’s so successful. It’s about drama. I don’t believe that they’ve got your best interests at heart.”


Nicholls who didn’t mesh with his on-air wife Vanessa Romito, continued to explain that although the producers would try to get information out of him to turn into television gold, he never gave in.

“For me, it was never disrespectful because there was a lot of occasions where they’d ask me a question, and then they might ask me another 10 ways, and then I’d actually stand up for myself and say, ‘You’re not getting it. You may as well give up. You might as well stop because it’s not me. I’m not going to give you what you want,'” he added.

Nicholls and Romito left the experiment early. And Nicholls told Who Magazine that it was all because Romito wanted to expose the network and producers.

“We were forced to leave MAFS. Producers told me they weren’t able to shoot anything more with us because Vanessa threatened the network and made up this stuff about her mental health.

“I still can’t figure out whether Nine or MAFS were being delicate because of her mental health excuse or because she was going to take legal action. I think a different side of her came out in the last episode and she was worried about how she was going to be portrayed, so they just kicked us off,” he told Who.

4. “You never know.” Khloe Kardashian is considering using Tristan Thompson as her ‘sperm donor’.

In a promo for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian announced that she is trying to have another baby. Potentially with Tristan Thompson as the sperm donor.


During the video, Khloe is sitting down explaining the process to her older sister and POOSH founder, Kourtney Kardashian, and well as younger sister and supermodel, Kendall Jenner.


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“I’ve been doing hormone injections for about five days. And the injection process has been fine. I don’t know why I’m like, ‘Oh, okay, it’s not that bad.’

“Dr Huang was saying that the bonus of doing embryos, you get to see, like, what are your stronger embryos, which are healthy, you get to already know all that… I do have a sperm donor though, it’s Tristan,” Khloe says while the camera pans to Kendall’s shocked face.


However, she continued to explain that it is only a possibility at this moment in time.

“You never know. What if in three years I get married to someone and I’m like, ‘You know what? I don’t want that,” she added.


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Khloe and Tristan have one daughter together, True Thompson, who celebrated her second birthday only a few weeks ago.


5. From 90s icon to taunts of “Fatgirl”: What happened to Alicia Silverstone after Clueless.

In 1995, Clueless catapulted Alicia Silverstone to global stardom.

The coming-of-age teen comedy, which was released almost 25 years ago, was quick to develop a cult following – and even decades later, it continues to have a lasting legacy.

But for Alicia Silverstone, fame and cult status weren’t exactly desired. In fact, it was never what the then 18-year-old intended.

“I was so overwhelmed by being famous because I was such a young girl and it was never really my intention,” the actress said.

alicia silverstone batgirl

In the years that followed the release of Clueless, the young actress dealt with the many ups and downs that come with growing up in the spotlight.

For the first time in her life, the teenager faced criticism and objectification of her body on a global scale.

Amid the release of Clueless in 1995, Silverstone was interviewed for a Rolling Stone profile.

Within the profile’s opening lines, she was described as the “kittenish 18-year-old movie star whom lots of men want to sleep with”.

But it didn’t stop there.

In 1997, the girl who was once best known for her appearances in Aerosmith’s music videos landed her biggest role yet – Batgirl in Batman & Robin alongside George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell.

But unlike Clueless, Batman & Robin didn’t exactly bring any positive attention.

The movie, which has long been considered by fans as the "worst Batman movie ever made", won a handful of Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Worst Supporting Actress.

It wasn't just the film itself that faced criticism. Following the movie's release, Silverstone became the target of body shaming.

Speaking to The Guardian in a new interview, Silverstone has opened up about what her life was like following the film's release.


"It was really just extreme how I was being talked to and talked about," Silverstone recalled.

"I think I just got really turned off by it. That definitely wasn't my favourite filmmaking experience."

For more on Alicia Silverstone's life after Clueless, read our earlier article here. 

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