Former Married at First Sight contestant responds to dating rumours.

Two former contestants of Married at First Sight have denied rumours they are, in fact, an item after appearing on the latest season of the reality television show.

On Saturday, Scarlett Cooper uploaded a photo on Instagram with Andrew Jones, prompting many reports that the duo may be dating.

“I like u because u r genuine an funny u let me stay at ur house while u we’re away, u confide in me about things u don’t tell anyone else, I loved singing with u an even tho I don’t believe it u think I’m gorgeous [sic].Thanks for being my friend,” Cooper wrote alongside the image.

After that post headlines came and rumours gained momentum. Cooper was forced to address the assumption that she and ‘Jonesy’ had begun dating.

Uploading another image to the platform today, Cooper wrote she resented the rumours that arose.

“The moral of the story is don’t be nice to anyone, don’t have friends and definitely don’t eat dinner! Bae where you at? I miss you,” she said.

Both Cooper and Jones were plagued with considerable controversy throughout their time on the show, with Cooper leaving the show early after she was caught texting another contestant’s ‘husband’. Jones made his own headlines when his first ‘marriage’ failed due to a runaway bride, and he was accused of disrespecting his second ‘wife’, Cheryl Maitland.

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