MAFS' John and Melissa explain why they survived in a subtle dig to other couples.

As one of the only couples left standing after Married At First Sight ended,  John Robertson and Melissa Walsh have revealed the secret to their successful, happy relationship – their maturity.

Speaking to Confidential, John said that while the younger couples dealt with “testosterone and hormones”, which often “ended in tears“, he and his bride Melissa chose to take things more slowly.

“We wanted to get to know each other as friends first, rather than just jump into bed on the honeymoon – which we’ve seen has ended in tears,” he said.

In a subtle dig to her fellow contestants, Melissa added that the drama caused by the love triangle of Dean, Tracey, and Davina was disappointing.

“John and I felt like we were on Melrose Place, not MAFS,” she said.

This season of Married at First Sight has been eventful, to say the least. We’ve seen everything from cheating scandals to love triangles to contestants throwing tantrums, but through it all, John and Melissa have stayed consistent, quickly becoming fan favourites.

The Twins recap all the biggest moments from last night’s episode. Post coninues after audio.

In last night’s final commitment ceremony, John pledged to stay with Melissa.

“John and I, being in our 50s, have been in relationships we’ve tried to force. So we just said let’s see how we feel with each other,” said Melissa.

“We were just trying to be as practical as can be, letting things evolve naturally in an unnatural environment.”

The middle-aged couple has apparently met each other’s children – John has two daughters, Jessica, 24 and Emma, 22, while Melissa has a son David, 34 and two daughters, Chloe 26, and Ellie, 15 as well as two granddaughters.


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As the couple aims to give their relationship their best shot, John and Mel also opened up about the future of Sarah Riza and Telverne “Telv” Williams.

“They have a good foundation. While it’s a little bit tumultuous, there are deep feelings between the two of them,” Mel said.

“They’ve only had their moments because they are so passionate about each other,” John added.