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The question we were all asking about Jess and Mick's fight on Married at First Sight.

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Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight quickly got very heated.

In an argument between Mick and Jessika about their wedding day, Mick threw around some harsh words about Jessika’s family and her best friend.

“Mick said that my father was a bit rude to some people at the wedding,” Jessika explained.

“He called him a drunk. He then proceeded to call my brother a ‘beep’ head. And then Mick said, ‘Oh, your sister and your best friend, they were ‘beeps’.”

But as the fight unfolded, most of us found ourselves sitting in front of the television… confused.

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What, exactly, did Mick say about Jessika's family? With all the 'beeps,' it was almost impossible to make it out.

Of course, it was approximately 8.45pm. A time where it's deeply inappropriate to air footage of a man using the worst language available to describe his wife's family.

But then again, most of us were able to make out what Bronson said when he dropped the c-bomb on his wife.

After going over the footage too many times, we have a few theories about what Mick said about Jessika's family.

It's clear that he calls her brother, Rhyce Power, a "f**khead," and her dad a "drunk".


But when taking aim at her bridesmaids, he could either be saying they're "c****," (dude... no), or that they're "*f**ked".

Dude you can't say that about a person's family.

On last night's episode, things proceeded to get even more awkward when Jess decided to confront Mick about his comments while visiting Mick's best man Broxy.

"It's disrespectful," Jess shouted.

"Don't speak to your partner like that. It's f**king disgusting. That's disgusting. You're rank," she continued.

"I mean, look, I understand that my family, you think that they were rude, and I agree with you. I feel like a few of them were rude at the wedding. But, like, to bring it up to your wife when I've been so adamant from day one how important my family is. I can't believe you'd do that to me."

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Things... escalated. Image: Channel 9.

Jessika also explained that she had a really tough upbringing, and while she's allowed to make negative comments about her family - her fake husband most definitely isn't.

Speaking to the cameras after their argument, Jess ultimately said that she "hates" Mick and "wants nothing to do with him".

Here's how Australia reacted to Mick and Jessika's dramatic fight:





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