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The bizarre Married at First Sight editing fail we all missed in Sam's texts to Ines.

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Hiding among Tuesday’s cheating scandal, sex requests and intense laughing over… food, there was a rather telling Married At First Sight editing fail.

Of course.

Sam – who is ‘married’ to Elizabeth – received an Instagram message from Ines – who is ‘married’ to Bronson.

Besides the uh, moral issues with this, there was one other glaring mistake spotted by eagle-eyed fans online.

Sam viewed the message from Ines, time-stamped at 11.56am, on camera, but his phone time read 11.52pm.

married at first sight ines sam text
Image: Nine.

At first glance, this seems... fine.

He could've just... not seen it for 12 hours, right?

Except this whole scene was filmed IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. MEANING IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN 11.52pm.

Did the show film the text, and Sam's reaction, completely separately? Like, at two very different times of the day? Or does Sam's phone just inexplicably tell the wrong time?

It makes no sense and our brains hurt thinking about it.


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The text said "Hello" with the emoji of a chicken hatching out of an egg ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and in a piece-to-camera Sam mulled over what he should do.

"Ines tried to contact me. It's a sticky situation. Where do I go from here? I don't know," he said.

Well, we all knew where he would go from here. Sam responded and then Ines called him "bubba". Yeah...

Anyway, they arranged to meet up, talked sh*t about their partners and ended the night with Ines asking if she could send Sam nudes.

The timing of the texts wasn't the first editing fail spotted on MAFS this week.

On Monday's episode, Elizabeth went to Ines' apartment with a block of Cadbury chocolate as a peace offering.

She was wearing a black coat over a pink top with pants and thongs, but as she returned to her own apartment, Elizabeth's outfit had changed. Drastically.

elizabeth married at first sight editing fail
??? Image: Nine.

Oh, and there was this magical bottomless coffee last week.

Social media users have said the show's editing team should be sacked, but honestly we love an editing fail. More please.