Married At First Sight's Anthony branded "most hated man in Australia" after last night.

Anthony seemed to have an issue with Cheryl and Andrew’s new relationship. And fans were not happy.

The fans of Married At First Sight are angry.

And it’s not because people are getting fake married and going on fake honeymoons with literal strangers.

This week, Cheryl and Andrew – who were originally ‘married’ to different people – re-entered the competition to pursue a relationship with each other.

Listen: The Recap team debriefs on tonight’s drama. (Post continues after audio.)

Which is all well and good, unless you are Anthony, who seemed to take issue with the new pairing.

“You’ll look like a f***ing idiot if you get it wrong,” Anthony told Cheryl, after claiming that only Andrew deserved a second chance at love on the show.

anthony mafs
"This isn't fair, I only got ONCE chance and you got two, Cheryl!" Image via Channel 9.

After the awkward exchange - which left Cheryl in tears - fans shared their shock at Anthony's behaviour.



Anthony told the cameras that it was "hard to be convinced" that Cheryl's new relationship with 38-year-old firefighter Andrew was going to work, "based on what I've seen already with her and Jonathan last week".

"She didn't really give Jonathan an opportunity. And I'll keep prodding. I'll keep prodding to see whether she really has the right intentions," he said.

cheryl cries MAFS
The exchange left Cheryl in tears. Image via Channel 9.

Many also issued warnings to Anthony's bride Nadia, telling her that his behaviour towards Cheryl was a big clue about his attitude towards women.