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MAFS' Cyrell was asked who her enemy on the show was and oh... She has four.

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Married At First Sight‘s Cyrell Paule is not one to hold back, so when asked to name her enemy on the show she answered with not just one name, but four.

In a Instagram video for Woman’s Day, Cyrell showed no hesitation in answering the question, quickly name dropping the four co-stars she didn’t like.

“Ines, Martha and Jess. And Sam. Them four,” she said.

“I hate them with a passion.”


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It’s not exactly surprising, considering Cyrell has had physical confrontations with Martha and Jessika, encouraged Elizabeth to confront Sam about his cheating with Ines and told Sam he “ain’t King Dingaling” (still, no truer words have ever been spoken).


In the video she also said that her last kiss was “unfortunately my husband”, which does not give us high hopes for the survival of her and Nic’s relationship.

On Woman’s Day’s MAFS Confessional podcast in February, Cyrell didn’t explicity confirm if they had broken up, but she definitely hinted at it.

“I think I’m at that point where I probably won’t be dating for a while,” Cyrell said on the podcast.

Cyrell went on to criticise her husband a number of times, claiming that Nic was just on the show in a bid to get more Instagram followers.

“I was how I was with Nic because I think I can judge people’s characteristics from the start, and from day dot I said to Nic, ‘You’re here for fame!’ – and that’s what they’re [the producers] not showing,” Cyrell said.

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