Married At First Sight's Clare says last night's final was a lie: "They all broke up within weeks."

Clare Verrall, a contestant from the second season of Channel Nine’s Married At First Sighthas slammed both the network and show after Tuesday night’s season three finale.

Within hours of the finale episode airing Verrall – whose experimental marriage to Jono Pitman exploded halfway through season two – released a torrent of abuse towards the producers and “relationship experts” she says failed her and other contestants.

Speaking on air with KIIS’ Kyle & Jackie O, the 32-year-old explained her anger towards Channel Nine.

Now she’s freshly out of her contractual obligations to the network, she didn’t hold back.

Citing that she was matched with a man she says had “aggression problems”, Clare believes it was negligent decision given she was suffering from PTSD following being randomly attacked on the street eight months prior to filming.

‘He had a very hot head, and would blow up and make great TV,’ she told the co-hosts on Wednesday morning.

‘In my situation, I’m very angry at Channel Nine, because they knowingly set me [someone with PTSD] up with someone who has aggression problems. And they thought that would make great TV.’

The self-proclaimed animal rescuer and feminist also said that Channel Nine’s provision of mental health services was inadequate.

‘We do have a psychologist, but if you read the contract, it says anything you share with the psychologist is shared back to Nine.

‘I didn’t get out of bed for a month after that show went to air, it completely retriggered me. There are serious consequences to this sort of show.’

Meanwhile, Kyle was keen to learn more about the property management consultant’s relationship with Jono, asking:”Clare did you sleep with this bloke that you were matched up with?”

After slight hesitation, the former TV star revealed the pair had, in fact, slept together.

‘Uhhh, my parents listen to this show, but yes,’ she said. ‘[It was] on the honeymoon, we’d been together for three days and it was his birthday.’

“Were you compatible in that area?” Kyle responded.

“Oh god no, the whole thing was a disaster.”

“I went on to the show purely to meet somebody and with earnest intentions. I wandered into it at Bambi and came limping out of it as some kind of dying monster.”

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Clare and Jono's brief romance detonated on national television. (Image: Channel Nine)

According to Clare, the contestants "have really been set up", especially when it comes to those explosive dinner party arguments.

'For example, Bella who was pushing a sex question at the dinner party,' Clare continued. 'The producers tell one person to do that every year. They pushed her to say that, and now she's the villain.'

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What the former contestant really wanted to drive home, though, is the importance of remembering that reality TV stars "are real people".

"The one thing I really want to be clear about is that to the people trolling the contestants and saying really negative things, is that these are real people. They've been put in a situation that is a melting pot.

"Just remember there are real people behind all of this."

When Jackie pointed out that Clare's comments will likely incense the big players at Channel Nine, she was nonchalant about the prospect of legal threats.

'I'm expecting another lovely letter from them, which goes into my bin, which is my storage device for those letters,' she said.

'I've grown and I've learned from it, but I just want people to know what it's really like.'

 "Just remember there are real people behind all of this." (Image: Channel Nine)

'If you're going to do it, make sure you have your own really good psychologist and a great group of family and friends around you.'

While season two wrapped up months ago, it has had a lasting effect on Clare, who said "the whole experience really put me off men for a while".

"So that last bloke you slept with is that angry bloke on television?" Kyle asked.

'Yeah, god I really do need to fix that,' she replied, joking: 'Alright, this week I'm going to fix that.'

'I just feel like I need to have another shower.'

The decision to pair Clare with Jono was ultimately a bad one, Jackie concluded, who called out the network for its "poor form".

'[It's] not cool at all, especially if she's suffering [with PTSD] and is quite sensitive about it and on edge,' Jackie said. 'Putting her with a guy like that is pretty bad. It's poor form.'

Clare's claim that all three successful couples separated in the weeks following filming has added fuel to a roaring fire, given there was no 'where they are now' segment, and that there has been a relative silence on social media from Bella and Michael, Nicole and Keller and Monica and Mark.

So are they really all over? We will keep you posted.