Exclusive: Married At First Sight's Clare explains the show’s “couple swap.”

After Married At First Sight stars Nicole and Jono posted a cryptic Instagram picture last week, prompting rumours they have started dating, attention has now turned to season two’s Clare Verrall’s  and her relationship with Craig Keller.

New Idea reported they have sparked up a romance, meaning that two couples have “swapped” and are now dating each other’s experimental partners.

Have Nicole and Clare swapped partners? Image via Channel 9.

"I can't confirm or deny [the reports]," Clare told Mamamia when we asked her about the rumours of her new relationship.

"According to the magazines, I've got a new boyfriend! Keller and I are just getting to know each other. We've met up, he did stay here at my house," she said.

Clare says she and Keller are "getting to know each other". Image supplied.

"He's lovely and we get along really well. He’s been a really good person to talk to, having shared similar experiences [to me] on the show."

Clare confirmed reports that Keller flew down to spend time with her for her 33rd birthday last week.

Clare confirmed Keller spent time with her for her birthday last week. Image via Instagram.

"He came down for my birthday, which was nice. He's rough around the edges, but so am I! He has a very kind heart."

Of the potential romance between her ex-partner Jono and Nicole, Clare said she "wishes them every happiness".

"Everyone deserves love and happiness, even this guy I dated for three weeks on TV," she said.

Does this mean Nicole and Jono are an item...? Image via Instagram.

"Jono and I are just not a match on any level, but that doesn’t mean he’s not right for somebody!"