Married At First Sight's Alex and Zoe handed their baby to Karl Stefanovic... bad idea.

With 2018’s Married at First Sight set to hit our screens again next week, Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix are a timely reminder that it is indeed possible to find love on reality TV.

The couple from season one who have been together since the series aired in 2015 are our shining MAFS success story – they even gave us our very first MAFS baby, Harper, in 2016.

And on Tuesday morning, Harper met Karl Stefanovic for the first time. It did not go so well.

Speaking to the Today Show about how they’ve made their relationship last off-screen three years on from their first ‘wedding day’, baby Harper was the picture of a happy, well behaved baby.

That is, until Stefanovic offered to baby-sit.

“I’ll baby-sit for you,” the Today Show co-host said as he reached over to take Harper off his mum’s hands.

Cue crying and screaming.

HELP ME. Image: Nine.

At first, it was all quite cute - lots of 'awwws' from Garner, Hendrix, and fellow Today Show co-host, Gerogie Gardner as Stefanovic gave the camera a big pole thumbs up.

But then it got a bit awkward when it became clear that Harper 100 per cent did not want to have anything to do with Stefanovic. Gardner's face says it all, really.

DEAR GOD. Image: Nine.

"She's never done that before..." Hendrix said as she took Harper back, half laughing but also half being entirely serious.

"And if you want me to look after your kids, contact me on..." Stefanovic joked to smooth over the fact he just made a baby cry on air.


So no, you can probably safely bet a $50 that Uncle Karl will not be babysitting baby Harper anytime soon. Or ever.

You can watch the full ~encounter~ between Stefanovic and Harper in the video below (or above if  you're on your desktop).

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