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Wife swapping and a s**tshow of a reunion: All the MAFS 2021 gossip in one place.

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It's 2021, and Married at First Sight is back and somehow, more dramatic than ever. 

This year, we're following 12 couples on their search for Instagram followers love against the odds. And by "against the odds" we mean the eye-watering 6.6 per cent success rate of the previous Aussie couples. 


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It's terrible, and we can't look away. So we thought we'd round up all the juicy gossip you've gotta get around ASAP.

Everything we know about the spicy reunion.

Apparently there's a whole bunch of s**t that's going to go down at this season's reunion, and you bet we've got a round up of everything you should expect right here.

As is customary of the end-of-season reunion, all the couples return to chat with the experts about how life has been with (or without) their partners since filming, and the first drama comes from Booka Nile and Jake Edwards.


According to So Dramatic, the pair share a cheeky NYE kiss at a party, and despite its "innocent intent", Jake's wife, Beck Zemek sees a video of it and is not happy.

"At midnight Jake and Booka shared a sloppy, drunken kiss," host, Megan Pustetto said.

"Jake also kissed Beth that night, and then Booka and Beth kissed…It was a friendly kiss but apparently they locked lips for a few seconds more than everyone did."

This of course, will be brought up at the reunion and should heighten some emotions.

We can't wait.

One of the brides is already trying to sell her MAFS wedding dress online. 

Yep, the season hasn't even finished airing yet and one of the brides is already trying to offload her wedding dress. 

According to Pedestrian, Beth Moore is selling the dress that she wore to her wedding to Russell Duance on Facebook Marketplace. And honestly, we can't blame her. 

In screenshots obtained by Pedestrian, Beth has listed her Shona Joy La Lune Dress for $300.

"Has been dry cleaned but there are a few dirt marks from a photoshoot done after cleaning," she writes in the listing, which we all know is code for MAFS.


Beth and Russell decided to leave the experiment earlier this season. While it wasn't exactly a surprise, the pair did choose to leave on good terms. 

"I want you to find your steak-loving, motor-cross loving, camping loving wife. She's out there," Beth told Russell at the commitment ceremony. 

Here's hoping she can get a good price for the dress!

Two of the new couples on MAFS might swap partners.

It looks like Married at First Sight's intruders will get to causing some more drama very soon, because why else would they have joined the lineup?

A few weeks ago, we saw Georgia and Liam and Kerry and Johnny get married on the reality TV show. And while it looks like things are going smoothly with the respective pairs, reports have emerged suggesting that neither couple last.

In fact, these same publications noted that there might be a partner swap between them, and it's Georgia and Johnny that end up together post-show.

Yep, we know. Wild. 

According to The Wash, back in December Georgia and Johnny were spotted at the exact same venue a few days apart. 

So the theory is, the couple would attend the venue together and then upload their Instagram photos on different days, in an attempt to keep a lid on their romance.


... The proof is in the pics.

Beck Zemek might be leaving the experiment to reunite with her ex.

Apparently Beck Zemek, will try to leave MAFS after finding out that her dog had fallen sick back home, but things don't exactly go to plan. 

According to The Wash, producers apparently talked Beck out of it and instead allowed her to take a break from the show to fly back home to Perth before returning to the show.

Sources told the publication that while back in Perth, Beck met up with a guy she used to date. And it didn't take long for the MAFS contestants and her husband, Jake Edwards, to find out.

This of course caused some pretty major drama, which left Beck "pretty upset".

Screenshots obtained by The Wash also show that Beck’s Facebook relationship status changed to ‘In a Relationship’ in June, just three months before her MAFS wedding in September. 

.... very interesting. 


Jake Edwards has a new girlfriend on the outside.

After keeping a very close eye on influencer, Sophie Guidolin's Instagram, we're pretty sure she and Jake Edwards are dating while keeping it under wraps until the show has aired. 

Here are the clues we've seen so far.

On Monday, Sophie shared a sneaky photo of her cuddled up to an unidentified man's arm, which people have identified as Jake's thanks to the tattoo and green shirt (which he was spotted wearing while filming MAFS last year).

Image: Instagram / @sophie_guidolin

On the same day, she confirmed she was taken in an Instagram story. 

Then on Tuesday, she shared a video of Jake (in the flesh), captioning it "birthday swims". 

When asked what her favourite birthday present was, she wrote: "I can't say yet, but I will in a couple of days," which we're assuming might be because it's from a secret someone (Jake) that she can't share yet.

Image: Instagram / @sophie_guidolin


Booka and Brett don't make it to the end.

We're sorry to say, but it looks like Booka Nile and Brett Helling don't last outside of MAFS. In fact, according the So Dramatic! podcast, they don't even make it to the final.

"I can confirm that these two are no longer together, and not only that, they don't even make it to the final vows," said host Megan Pustetto. 

"A person who knows Brett got in touch and said, 'I know Brett, they definitely do not last. He reckons he's going to get a bad edit, he's back in Geelong and telling people they are not together.'" 

Megan also said she "enquired with several contestant and they have all confirmed Brett and Booka do not go all the way".


And just in case we need more evidence that the pair have split, The Wash noticed that Brett, who lives in Melbourne, didn't attend Booka's MAFS viewing party in Perth when the show aired last month. 

The Daily Mail also claim that Booka and Brett split in November and their break-up apparently airs on the show after homestays. 

For more evidence that Booka and Brett have broken up, and which other MAFS couples have called it quits, read our earlier article here.

The bride and groom who... already know each other.

Apparently two MAFS stars already knew each other well before they met on the show, and this should be interesting to watch play out...

According to the Daily Mail, Charity CEO Jake Edwards, 31, and Perth musician Booka Nile, 31, knew each other fairly well prior to filming, as the pair worked together on Booka's music project, Sonic Minds.

Thankfully, the experts didn't pair the two together, as that would go completely against the entire premise of marrying at FIRST sight, but it is interesting to watch the dynamic play out at dinner parties and group meetings.

Booka and James. Image: Nine 


The groom who cheated on his fiancée six weeks before their wedding.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, Jake Edwards allegedly cheated on his fiancée six weeks before their wedding, and this doesn't look so good for his future wife.

According to Jake's MAFS bio, he was "previously engaged" and "ended the relationship when he realised he didn’t love her anymore". 

But a friend of his ex fiancée, Paige, said she actually ended things after she discovered he had been cheating on her for three months. 

She told So Dramatic! host, Megan Pustetto that "Jake had been cheating on Paige for over three months and at the same time acting like everything was fine, telling her that he loved her and that he can't wait to make her his wife".

"Paige found messages to other women on his phone just six weeks before they were due to walk down the aisle. She kicked him out immediately."

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The friend also said Paige only found out Jake was going on the show when the rest of Australia did. 

"Who could possibly get ready for a wedding when he [Jake Edwards] was supposed to be marrying the love of his life nine months prior?? It’s just selfish. Paige is devastated. I can’t believe he would go on a show so quickly after what he did to her," they explained. 

"And it’s going to bring up a lot of hurt and past trauma for her to see the man that she was supposed to be marrying, marrying someone else, and on national television."

Pustetto also shared several Instagram stories on the So Dramatic! Instagram page which don't exactly paint Jake in the best light. 

"The lies have started… get ready for all the bulls**t that comes from his mouth everyone," one of the captions reads. 


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