Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Excuse us, Married at First Sight’s Cyrell and Elizabeth could be getting their own TV show.

Off-screen MAFS Australia 2019 besties Elizabeth Sobinoff and Cyrell Paule could be starring in their own TV show, inspired by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s A Simple Life. 

According to NW, the former reality television stars have been eyed off by a producer who believes the show “could be a ratings winner”.

“They’re shopping around the idea of them doing a Simple Life style show, travelling around Australia, doing odd jobs and mingling with country folk,” an insider reportedly told the publication.

“It’s going to be such a riot!”


Of course, this information from an “insider” is pretty up in the air this point – it’s far from a confirmation and could actually be completely made up.

One thing is 100 per cent factual though – Elizabeth and Cyrell milking a cow would make for quality viewing.

It’s the show we… didn’t know we needed.

2. “It was just childish.” Inside the feud between X Factor judges Guy Sebastion and Iggy Azalea.

If there’s one thing we love about competitive reality TV, it’s hearing juicy details of feuds between judges.

While it’s usually the contestants who clash during seasons, we just can’t resist in-fighting within the panel. Particularly when the side-eye translates to our TV screens.

One epic feud doing the rounds at the moment involves former X Factor judges Guy Sebastian and Iggy Azalea.

Guy Sebastian and Iggy Azalea. Image: Getty.

And, well, it's not pretty.

It all started when Guy criticised Iggy's work ethic in an interview with Stellar magazine.

“Iggy wouldn’t rock up,” the Australian Idol winner claimed in the latest issue, adding, “And when she did, she’d just roll her eyes. I hated it. I really struggled that year.”

Iggy joined the judging panel in the show’s eighth and final season alongside Adam Lambert and Mel B.

“It was just childish with all the bickering,” Guy said of the low-rating season.

“You had the guest judges who weren’t invested – and audiences aren’t stupid, they can see that.”

Not one to back down, hours after his comments were published, Iggy posted a fiery tweet that we assume was aimed at Guy.

“I don’t actually give a f*ck about other people’s opinions; I just can’t turn down the chance to tell someone they’re a dumb bitch. It’s in my blood & there is no cure!” she tweeted.


...Did she just call Guy a dumb b*tch?


3. “She won’t sleep over.” Why MAFS’ Martha refuses to stay over at Michael’s place.

It seems Married at First Sight's Martha and Michael aren't afraid to share their personal lives with fans.

The couple, who are just one of two success stories from the reality show, did a Q&A on Instagram Stories last night.

During the Q&A, Martha admitted that she refuses to stay over at Michael's house.


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@mbrunelli and I still out here faking it for the camera. ✌️

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"[We see each other] a few times a week but Martha won't sleep over," Michael said. "Why won't you sleep over?" he asked Martha.

"Because your room is gross and mine is so clean and pristine and it smells nice," Martha replied.

"It's because her mum cleans her room every day," Michael joked.


Since meeting on Married at First Sight, Martha has moved from her home in Sydney's Bondi to her parents home in Melbourne, which is located just minutes away from where Michael lives.

4. Amy Schumer just revealed the sex of her baby in an epic rant against a fast food chain.

Amy Schumer just shared the sex of her baby in the most casual way ever.

Posting an epic rant against fast food chain Wendy's to Instagram, the comedian revealed that she is expecting a baby boy.


"Wendy's is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault and rape in the fields," she wrote, before adding, "Also, we are having a boy."

Earlier this week, Schumer admitted that it felt like her pregnancy had been going on forever.

"Oh yeah does it feel to everyone like I’ve been pregnant for a long time? It must be getting annoying to you all that I’m still pregnant," she wrote in the caption.


"Well imagine how I feel mother f*ckers!!!"

Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer are expecting their first child in the next few weeks.

5. The theory about Sansa Stark's hair that will completely change how you watch this season.

Game of Thrones fans assemble, we’ve noticed something about Sansa Stark’s new hairstyle and we have theories.

Source: HBO.

So, we all know the almighty writers love to throw in little details. We’ve also cottoned on to the fact they enjoy changing up Sansa Stark’s hair to match her current muse.

If you throwback to Cersei’s padded up-do, Sansa was right there with her.

She also emulated Margaery Tyrell's loose curls and pinned back sides once upon a time.

"There's always a pattern, it's never random," Sophie Turner, the actor who plays Sansa confirmed to Refinery29.

Check out the full theory and photos in our recent post. (And don't worry, no spoilers here.)