Married at First Sight's Zoe reveals the "crazy thing" her and Alex did that never made the cut.

Undoubtedly, starring on a reality TV show like Married at First Sight would have some lasting impacts on your life — whether that be a relationship, a very public breakup, or just being recognised on the street.

However, former contestants Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner boast an even more permanent reminder of their shared experience… and we’re not talking about their four-month-old baby.

On Instagram, Zoe revealed the duo did some “crazy things” while filming the first season of the show that didn’t make it to our screens.

For instance, getting matching tattoos:

Alex and Zoe both had stars inked on their bodies — Alex’s on his arm, Zoe on the side of her torso — to symbolise the connection between them.

(As if getting married on national television wasn’t symbolic enough.)

Good thing their relationship lasted after the cameras stopped rolling, because it was Zoe’s first tattoo.

Listen: The Recap team debriefs on Sunday night’s episode of Married at First Sight. (Post continues after audio.)

“Looking back, I’m glad it’s worked out because laser removal would hurt like hell,” she added on Instagram.

This makes us wonder what other tidbits the Married at First Sight producers have relegated to the chopping room floor.

For their own sakes, we really hope Cheryl and Andrew from the current season didn’t go so far as to get inked…

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