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A very thorough investigation into which MAFS contestants have a background in "acting".

You may want to sit down, because we have some truly shocking, potentially devastating news to share.

It has come to our attention that a large number of the current Married At First Sight contestants are… actors.

Not like, ‘recognisable from that one time they were a minor character on Home and Away‘ or even ‘in an embarrassing TV commercial’ level actors but still, apparently, actors.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Post continues below video.

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It seems that many of the 2020 cast are not on the show to find love with a stranger with whom they have nothing in common.

This is almost as upsetting as the rumour John Aiken won’t return for another season of pretending to match people based on compatibility and not ratings.

Please let us present irrefutable evidence that instead, they were looking for a big break a.k.a maybe a future role on Neighbours and definitely some Instagram endorsements.


Cathy is perhaps the most qualified ‘actor’ on the show… which is to say she actually is qualified.

The 26-year-old graduated from Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland with a degree in performing arts in 2014, meaning she was practically a shoo-in for a spot on New Zealand’s very-dramatic-and-not-at-all-realistic Neighbours equivalent Shortland Street, but she gave it all up to move to Australia to start her acting career.


After moving in 2015, and after much detective work, our very thorough investigation has found… absolutely no evidence that Cathy landed any roles.

Instead she worked as a personal trainer and in 2016, Cathy started her YouTube channel where she uploaded makeup tutorials, awkward date stories and ‘life updates’.

mafs cast actors
Image: YouTube.

Her last video uploaded in July 2019 (Not long before MAFS started filming), was a story time of "ANOTHER TERRIBLE DATE".

Oh. Just imagine the stories she'll break an NDA to share post-Married At First Sight.


In 2013, Mikey appeared on Deal or No Deal, which technically is not an acting gig, but you're telling me it doesn't take skill to act excited over a $250 suitcase? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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After double value cases and a second chance ... It was very upsetting ???????????? oh well #careaye

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Then in 2017, Mikey made his acting debut in the ABC miniseries Friday on My Mind, about Australian rock band The Easybeats.

He's a background character in about six scenes across two episodes which... actually makes him the most experienced MAFS actor.


With Amanda and her now fake ex-wife Tash gone from the show, she'll have plenty more free time to work on her accents.

Let us... explain.

Vanessa has a StarNow profile, where she explains she has a "humongous desire to be Australia's Leading Female Fitness Authority", would like to become "Australia's Bad Ass on Film" and says, we quote: "I believe I can act!".

mafs cast actors
Image: StarNow.

StarNow also gives users the ability to list what accents they can do and... well, look:

mafs cast actors
Seriously. No comment. Image: StarNow.

"I can do any type of American accent, be that southern belle, Afro-American from Philly or a playa from the Bronx, even a straight up yankee from Wall Street," Amanda continued.

After thorough investigation, we've found she's only landed one role, as an extra in the 2009 Nicholas Cage film The Knowing, since playing the leads in high school plays.

But hey, who knows what wonderful opportunities an appearance on Australia's top-rated reality TV show may bring.

After the profile surfaced, Amanda posted a photo on Instagram captioned: "News has it apparently I’m an aspiring actress, if that’s the case my acting skills are terrible," with the hashtag #alwayshonest. So... maybe she's not keen on Neighbours.

We'll see.


This man is allegedly joining MAFS soon as an 'intruder' alongside Elizabeth Sobinoff which is... unnecessary, but okay.


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And surprise, surprise: The former footy player is very passionate about acting.

"The only thing that's been consistent [in my life] has been my love of entertaining people and making people smile. I thought, 'What encompasses all of that?' and I came up with acting," he told Adelaide Now in 2018.

"I'm a massive movie buff and initially I had film in my mind, but now that I'm enjoying the rawness of stage theatre I'm open to anything. I have no doubt that this is the path I want to follow for the rest of my life - I've finally found my passion."

He's not kidding. The man even uploaded an Aladdin stage show audition on Instagram.


Seb also appeared on Today Tonight as a model in a segment about 'Adelaide Party Girls' back in 2013. We don't know what that means either.

And by the looks of his Instagram, he's graced a few catwalks as a fitness model.


In February 2019, Vanessa appeared to be filming a project with Tht Grind Films according to their Instagram. In the footage, she's sat around a table drinking wine and talking to a group of women.

mafs cast actors
We found absolutely no context to this photo, which brings us to the conclusion that it is ACTING. Image: Instagram.

Do we know what this project was? Absolutely not.

Was it an acting gig? Unclear.

Must we include it in this investigation? Heck yes.


Does uploading a few videos to the internet for lols make you an actor? Objectively... the answer is no, but that sort of attitude does not suit this investigation, so we say yes. Yes, it does.

Josh posts Instagram and TikTok videos in which he ACTS as a tradesman dad, a man who loses a sock in a washing machine (we're... serious) and a man who fakes a sickie.


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Everytime I wash a matching pair of socks

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He's not qualified and has no professional experience, but we hereby dub Josh this season's greatest talent.


Steve has pulled off one of the greatest acting performances of our time: Pretending he is not John Aiken's dad, when he is in fact John Aiken's dad*.


mafs 2020
"Do you know my son John Aiken?" Image: Channel Seven.

Besides this, Steve has appeared on Channel Seven's First Dates dating reality show. And if there's one thing we know about dating reality shows, it's that they're all scripted.

On First Dates he rejected a 48-year-old woman named Fiona after their first date, because he didn't feel a spark and also was pretty keen to apply to get fake married to a stranger in the name of television and spending more time with his son.



In 2018, Aleks appeared on Channel Seven show Take Me Out, and do you think Channel Seven realised it was simply a stepping stone on these people's journey to 2020 Logies red carpet?

Aleks mafs take me out
Image: Channel Seven.

Anyway, in her brief appearance on the show, all we learned was the Aleks is deathly afraid of snakes. That doesn't seem... conducive to her current predicament.

This news can't come as too much of a surprise.

Last year, we learned no less than EIGHT cast members had dabbled in acting, and 2019's 'villains' Jessika Power and Ines Basic confirmed the show was fake as hell.

"The public think it’s gospel and everything that happens on the show is real," Jessika told Maxim Australia. "It isn’t real life, it’s TV."

And look, we know that, but we also feel like in the beginning people genuinely wanted to marry strangers on the television for reasons we cannot explain or understand, so we feel robbed.

Ines, 29, agreed, saying: "I don’t watch reality TV so I never knew much about it, but you may as well be contracted as an actor."

We rest our case.

But as hard as we tried, we could not find the acting credentials of other 2020 contestants including Stacey, Ivan, and Natasha. But surely we're not far off from videos of them as extras in the Home and Away diner surfacing.

Until then, we'll continue to watch their acting reality journeys with interest.

Feature images: Instagram.

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