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Where to find all the MAFS contestants on Instagram. (Because you know they want you to.)

Look, it’s been a pretty rubbish summer, and goodness knows we Aussies could use a distraction. Like wasting spending our free time getting Insta-quainted (that’s a thing I just made up) with the cast of the upcoming season of Married at First Sight Australia.

We’ll get to see these nine men and 11 women get fake-married on the Channel 9 show starting from February 3. And let’s be honest, only a blessed few are actually hoping to nurture that union into a loving, lifelong relationship. The rest want your follows/likes/views/tags and, by extension, a brief career slinging teeth-whitening strips on social media.

With that in mind, may we introduce…

Natasha, 26

Lives: Sydney
Job: Financial analyst
Bio: Channel 9 has described her as “outspoken”. This is undeniably a spoiler that Natasha will cause some fights at the dinner parties and maybe even break a fruit bowl or two. Goodie.

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Amanda, 34

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Strength coach
Bio: While Amanda can be tough from the outset, she says she’s a “softie” at heart and is looking for another woman who’s ready for commitment.

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Tash, 31

Lives: Adelaide
Job: Bartender
Bio: Tash describes herself as ‘sexually fluid’ and is an avid wellness fan, a yoga teacher and vegan. For Tash, verbal communication and affirmation will be key. (Her Instagram bio says, “Spicy. Moon. Devil. Participant on @MAFS 2020.” And no, we not entirely sure what that means.)


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Cathy, 26

Lives: Sydney (originally from NZ)
Job: Logistics investigator
Bio: After two relationships which have ended due to cheating, Cathy admits she’s not one to let her boundaries down. However, she’s open to the idea of finding ‘the one’. We’re nervous for her already.

Oh, and she’s also a YouTuber with 3,400 subscribers. Or was. Her most recent video, ‘Another Terrible Date,’ was from July 2019. Would watch.


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Vanessa, 31

Lives: Perth
Job: Pharmacy manager
Bio: After a battle with severe acne as a teen, Vanessa continues to struggle with insecurity and low-self esteem in relationships. She says she also has the tendency to reject men before they reject her. Oh dear. Fun fact: Vanessa is is actually the ex-girlfriend of former contestant Bronson Norrish, who married Ines Basic in the 2019 season.



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Aleksandra, 26

Lives: Perth (Again)
Job: Real estate agent
Bio: Aleksandra’s Serbian family want to see her married, but they definitely don’t want to see her on MAFS. Fun fact: This isn’t her first reality TV show. Aleks has also been on Channel Seven’s Take Me Out.


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Stacey, 25

Lives: Perth (Is Channel 9 spiking the tap water there, or something?)
Job: Graduate
Bio: A mum to two kids, Stacey is a law graduate who isn’t shy about voicing her high expectations when it comes to romance. She has previously been in a broken engagement, but that’s not holding her back from finding love on reality TV.


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Hayley, 32

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Finance broker
Bio: Hayley has made peace with her previous addiction to drugs, and now she’s looking for a husband who will be able to do the same. She says she was able to overcome her past by shifting her focus to health and fitness.



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Connie, 27

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Retail assistant
Bio: After five years of being single, Connie is sick of it. She’s not the most confident person when it comes to dating and frequently asks herself ‘what is wrong with me?’. Oh experts, please be gentle with her.


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Poppy, 38

Lives: Woollongong
Job: Photographer
Bio: A mum to twin toddler boys, Poppy’s ex-husband left her for another woman when their kids were just six weeks old. Not only does she want to find her life partner, but she also needs someone who will be a father figure to her sons.


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Mishel, 48

Lives: Brisbane
Job: Teacher
Bio: Mishel has been cheated on by seven of her previous eight partners. A mother of two adult daughters, aged 18 and 20, she wants someone who loves her, for her.



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And now for the grooms….

Steve, 51

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Barbershop owner
Bio: Steve was diagnosed with testicular cancer eight years ago and his much younger ex-girlfriend helped nurse him through it. Now single, Steve says he’s looking to be with a woman closer to his age.


Ivan, 30

Lives: Sydney
Job: Real estate agent
Bio: As a Sydney real estate agent, Ivan has strong opinions, likes speaking his mind and often offends people along the way. Oh and he seems to already know former MAFS contestant Cyrell. Hmmm…

Chris, 37

Lives: Adelaide
Job: Youth worker
Bio: A single dad to two young boys, Chris is hoping to follow in his parents’ footsteps and find a life partner he can have a lasting marriage with.


Jonethen, 27

Lives: Queensland
Job: Projects officer
Bio: Jonethen says he attracts women with ease and fancies himself a bit of a ladies man… but he hasn’t been in a relationship for more than a few months at a time. We wonder if marrying someone he doesn’t know is the best choice for him (anyone) then?


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What could my caption be?

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Luke, 39 

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Maintenance supervisor (FIFO)
Bio: Luke became a dad at 21-years-old – he’s now a single dad of two teenage daughters. You can follow Luke on Instagram here but you won’t find any photos of him on his profile.

mafs 2020 cast
Image: Channel 9.

Michael, 28

Lives: Adelaide
Job: Company director
Bio: Michael is apparently a millionaire single-dad, and look, I personally wouldn't put 'millionaire' as part of my dating profile as it probably wouldn't attract people who genuinely loved me but, hey, it could work for him. Michael is said to be over casual flings and ready to settle down.


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Soaking up everything Melbourne has to offer ????

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David, 31

Lives: Melbourne
Job: Truck driver
Bio: David is a former boxer-turned-truck-driver, and at one point suffered some serious spinal injuries. Yikes.


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Just doing my thing in woodlands historical park

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Mikey, 29

Lives: Sydney
Job: Operations manager
Bio: Hailing from Sydney's North Shore, this former private school boy (why was this info in the press pack?) runs his family's nursing home which his grandfather founded.


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Just a little excited for ⛷ in ????????

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Josh, 28

Lives: Sydney
Job: Industrial operator/truck driver
Bio: Another loveable truck driver! Josh says he's put "partying before partners" but also has recently been heartbroken (??), here's hoping he's over that and is ready to settle down with his new love.


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Morning spent with my favourite person

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Feature image: @tashherz, @jonethen, @amanda_divinephysiques.

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