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This season of MAFS is proof that reality TV stars only date... other reality TV stars.

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Judging from the 2020 cast of Married at First Sight, it would seem that reality TV stars have a knack for dating other reality TV stars.

Maybe there’s a specific box you can tick on TV application forms to announce you’ve dated a former reality TV star? Regardless, this season’s MAFS cast all seem to be connected to other reality contestants in one way or another.

From a Masterchef and Bachelorette winner to a former MAFS groom, our minds are boggled at these connections.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Exactly what goes down behind the scenes (not really). Post continues below.

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Steve Burley and Diana Chan

Before getting married to Mishel, you might remember Steve Burley’s introductory package, in which he mentions that he previously dated a woman who stayed with him during his battle with testicular cancer before they parted ways.

Today we found out that person was 2017 Masterchef winner, Diana Chan.

Consider our minds blown.

Mafs 2020 cast ex partners
Image: Instagram @steve_burley_ and

Speaking to TV Week, the 52-year-old barber said he was in a five-year relationship with the former accountant, who supported him while he recovered from cancer.

"We were really close," he said. "I met Diana in Melbourne CBD one evening, and we just hit it off. Our relationship took off from there.

"If it wasn't for her, then I probably wouldn't be here today.

"I was just overcome with shock about being diagnosed with testicular cancer. She was there. She supported me at every oncology appointment that I had, the operation, all this sort of stuff. She's just an absolute dead-set sweetheart."

Ultimately, they broke up because Steve said he "changed as an individual" after his diagnosis, but he only had good things to say about his ex. Always a good sign.

Natasha and Stu Laundy

In a dating show crossover we did not see coming, MAFS bride Natasha Spencer has apparently previously dated The Bachelorette's Stu Laundy, who was the winning contestant on Sophie Monk's season.

According to an unnamed source via TV Week, the couple met when Natasha was working as a bikini waitress, before the couple began a "serious, committed relationship for a number of months".

Mafs 2020 cast ex partners
Image: Instagram @stulaundy44 and @tashki_.

The financial analyst has also been linked to Love Island's Eden Dally, who is currently expecting his first child with former MAFS bride, Cyrell Paule.

This also comes after the Daily Mail published photos of Natasha calling Eden during the show's filming, with the publication reporting that the pair were in a relationship between 2016 and 2017. Neither Eden or Natasha have confirmed their relationship.

Vanessa Romito and Bronson Norrish

If Vanessa seems familiar, it’s because she is.

You see, Vanessa Romito is the ex-girlfriend of former MAFS groom Bronson Norrish, who was married to Ines, who cheated with Sam, who was married to Lizzie, who is back this season to marry AFL player, Seb Guilhaus.


Mafs 2020 cast ex partners
Image: Instagram @bronson_norrish and @vanessaromito_.

During Bronson's MAFS appearance, it was pretty easy to paint him as a 'good guy' (cheating wife etc.), but after seeing him on MAFS last season, Vanessa went on to roast her ex in a now-deleted Youtube video.

“Behind the scenes… he keeps digging at you. It’s like talking to a brick wall,” she said.

“Ines’ reaction is how I used to react to Bronson because he fires you up. Something in your soul just burns at this guy.”

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Feature images: Instagram @stulaundy44 and @tashki_.

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