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The biggest MAFS spoiler could have been right in front of us all along.

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At this rate, it seems like Married at First Sight will continue its impressive record of successfully creating approx. one couple per season (give or take one couple). The experts’ matches are definitely more of a suggestion at this point. We can tell this because of all the shouting and partner swapping and late-night hatching-chicken emojis.

Sam, for example – he of the absent sideburns – was about done with Elizabeth 28 seconds into their wedding ceremony, and soon turned his attention to Ines. They both say objectively awful things (example 1, example 2); perfect match, we thought.

Then we noticed something.

Something that’s been staring us right in the face the entire time.

The series’ promo photo, the one that’s plastered across the MAFS social media pages and the MAFS website.

Umm... What?
It's everywhere.

That's not Elizabeth.

And it's also not Ines.

Because it's Martha.

Look. Sam and Martha could have been the most conveniently located cast-members on the day of the promo shoot. Or maybe an intern accidentally called up the wrong person and hoped no one would notice (note: blindfolds). Or maybe, maybe they hoped we would notice and get our undies in a wad trying to interpret what it all means... In which case, well done them.


The thing is, it might be a... thing.

The Daily Mail this week published paparazzi pictures of Sam and Martha together, pictures taken since filming wrapped. And we all know when a man and woman are in the same place at the same time it means they're dating and probably considering getting a mortgage and a sausage dog.

If that is the case, Sam's not yet prepared to admit it.

Quizzed about the photos by E! News, he said: "I think Martha is a beautiful person, but, you know, she's quite happy in her relationship, and I wouldn't want to intrude on that.

"I was attracted to a couple of the brides. Martha is beautiful. Ines is more my type, as well. Even Heidi looks great."

Sounds a lot like someone trying to throw people of the scent. But we're watching, Sammy boy. No seriously, we're always watching, because it's on the telly on precisely 117 hours a week. When does this thing end?

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