Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Here we go again. Apparently there’s another MAFS cheating scandal coming.

Good lord.

The reality television gods truly are spoiling us with this season of MAFS if this rumour holds true.

Apparently, there’s a second cheating scandal headed our way and we almost feel bad about how excited we are.

But also, nah.

In case you missed it (because you have other things to occupy your weeknights with, like living your life), Ines Basic and Sam Ball left the social experiment after striking up an affair.

An affair that was DEFINITELY NOT led entirely by pushy producers.

Apparently the second ~totally real~ affair involves intruders fraternising with existing couples, which we didn’t even think was legal.

Things might not end well for Tamara and Dan. Image: Nine.

And how do we know this?

A man named Ken.

Ken, who claims to know intruder Tamara’s best friend, called in to Fitzy and Wippa's show this morning to offer the tasty morsel of gossip about her new “husband” Daniel.

“I know the girl who’s the best friend of Tamara, and it seems to be that [Daniel] ends up sleeping with Jessika [Power],” he shared. Jessika is, of course, "married" to Mick.

“Is that what you’re hearing, Ken?” Fitzy asked.

“Mate, I know that for fact. And it’s actually going to play out on the show,” Ken replied.



We cannot wait.

2. Bradley Cooper on the special connection his daughter has to A Star Is Born.

If anyone out there is feeling a bit sick of Shallow, the little tune from A Star Is Born which took home the best original song at the Oscars yesterday - spare a thought for Bradley Cooper's one-year-old daughter Lea.

The entire film was edited below her bedroom, so she's probably heard the song in various stages of recording about a million times.

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk and their daughter Lea. Image: Getty.

But according to Cooper himself, she hasn't had enough of it (yet).

Speaking on the red carpet yesterday, the 44-year-old revealed the tune has been a bedtime hit for Lea, and that she loves singing along to it.

However, he thinks her love for the soundtrack may be fleeting given the number of times she's heard it.

"We edited the movie below her room so she was inundated with noise for the first six months of her life," he said, explaining that the editing process would have meant Lea heard the same refrains hundreds of times over.

"She [may] never want to hear that soundtrack for the rest of her life," he laughed, "Enough!"

Lea is the daughter of Cooper and his long-time girlfriend Irina Shayk, 33.

3. “It’s creepy.” MAFS’ Melissa catches husband Dino secretly recording her.

Married At First Sight's Melissa Lucarelli has accused her 'husband' Dino Hiro of secretly recording her.


Speaking to Perth radio station 96FM with Paul & Lise yesterday, Melissa shared how she catches Dino recording her conversations in a later episode of the reality show.

Oh dear.

"He was secretly recording me – there's just no excuse for that. It's creepy," she said.

"The only way I found out about it was when I then caught him trying to record another conversation. I was beside myself."


This doesn't sound good at all.

According to Melissa, Dino had attempted to record a phone call between Melissa and her sister to use at a counselling session with the experts.

4. Although Prince Harry wasn’t at Meghan Markle’s baby shower, he did (kind of) make an appearance.

With just a few months to go until Meghan Markle welcomes her first child, the Duchess of Sussex celebrated with a baby shower in New York.

The shower, which was held at The Mark hotel in Manhattan last week, was attended by the Duchess' former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer, Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, Jessica Mulroney and Gayle King (better known as Oprah's BFF).

Meghan held a baby shower in New York last week. Image: Getty.

But there was one notable person missing from Meghan's baby shower – her husband, Prince Harry.

Although the Duke of Sussex didn't make the trip over to New York to attend Meghan's baby shower, he did make an appearance in other ways.

Thanks to a video shared on a Harry and Meghan fan account, we got a closer look at the impressive dessert buffet on offer to guests.

And on one of the cakes, Prince Harry made an appearance in the form of a cake topper.

meghan baby shower
Yup, there's Harry. Image: Instagram.

So. Cute.

5. The crucial Married at First Sight moment between Ines and Bronson that never went to air.

When both Bronson and Ines decided to leave Married At First Sight during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, most of us were just relieved the stripper’s torture was now over.

But some fans noticed what they thought was a plot hole during the epic episode, one that may have even been proof that the “affair” between Ines Basic and Sam Ball was staged.

Some fans noticed what they thought was a plot hole. Image: YouTube.

Bronson Norrish had been saying all week that the relationship was going well and he was only shown to have found out about Ines’ betrayal during the ceremony and after his decision had been made. Why then had he written “leave” on his card, fans asked?

Well, fellow contestant Melissa Lucarelli has just given us the explanation that clears the conundrum right up.

Speaking on Hit 92.9’s breakfast show Heidi, Xavier & Ryan on Monday, Mel said that fans weren’t shown a quick chat Ines had with Bronson before the commitment ceremony.

“From my understanding, Ines told Bronson before the commitment ceremony that she was going to write ‘leave’ and that’s why he wrote ‘leave’,” she explained.

“It’s not acted or scripted or anything. That’s why he did that flip I believe.”

You can read the full story right over here.

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