Is this an innocent photo of Madonna and her kids? We think so.

Would you get your kids to give you a foot massage?

If you did, and you were white and your kids were black, would that mean you’re treating them as slaves?

Well, that’s what some of Madonna’s fans think.

The 56-year-old singer posted a photo on Instagram of herself lying on the floor, with her adopted children Mercy and David smiling as they massaged her feet.

“Madonna#motherlove……………….how I’m gonna get through the day. Mercy and David give the best foot rubs!!!” she wrote.

The controversial photo. Via Instagram.

She probably wasn't expecting the backlash.

Within a short time, her photo had more than 1,000 comments. Accusations of racism were being flung around, with comments getting nasty.

"Treating her kids like slaves," wrote one follower.

"This is what the celebrities/rich white people do now they adopt," wrote another.

"Whether she is a good mom or not, that picture looks like slaves rubbing the feet of their master," added another.

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But other Madonna fans were quick to leap to her defence.

TAP on the image to see some more Instagram pics of Madonna with her kids. Post continues after the gallery.

"You're the racist one," someone hit back. "If she was Beyonce and had Blue Ivy rubbing her feet, it's cute. If it's Madonna, it's racist. If you have a problem with this picture you can f--- off or kiss her a--."

"Her other daughter Lola also rubbed her feet and that got shared in an Instagram post," wrote another fan. "You had a problem with that? There's only one race, the human race. and those are her children in a lovely family picture. Spread the love, not hate."

"Mothers need to be taken care of too!" another added. "Racism is in haters' mind! This is pure love! Look at their faces! Kids love to do this!"

Do you think Madonna's Instagram photo is racist?