A sex worker answers every single question you've ever had.

I nearly broke my phone trying to listen to Mia Freedman‘s latest podcast on No Filter. 

You see, Freedman spoke to an award-winning Australian porn star and high-end escort, Madison Missina.

Basically, it is an “ask anything you want about sex work and pornography”.

Madison Missina. Image via Instagram.

I have to admit before listening I wasn't exactly pro-sex work. But at the same time I didn't know enough about sex work to really have an informed opinion. All I really knew about the sex industry focused on sex trafficking. Which is a completely different realm to women who actively choose to enter into the sex industry.

But about five minutes into the podcast, I found myself hooked. If someone so much as coughed next to me, I had to go back to listen to the one word I missed. By the end, my brain was exhausted and I was completely confused on my opinion on sex work. But that's the point. To open up the conversation about a subject so many of us whisper about (if that).

Madison Missina. Image via Instagram.

Yes, Missina also spoke about why some sex workers prefer to have no pubic hair, what type of person is her most regular client, what a sex surrogate is, why anal is so popular in porn, and her very first client, and 80-year-old man and how he changed the way she saw sex work.

Listen to the podcast below and you can subscribe to No Filter from iTunes here