Neighbours' Madeleine West hits out after being shamed for her parenting advice.

Actress Madeleine West has hit back at her critics who criticised the mum-of-six for claiming she sometimes puts her children to bed in their clothes for the next day.

West’s new book, Six Under Eight, explores her experience of having six children under the age of eight and has recently made headlines for what many perceived to be unconventional modes of parenting.

However, the actress has taken aim at her critics, explaining that we will find ourselves in a vicious cycle if we keep tearing parents down online and that it will eventually lead to parents not asking for help or advice for fear of being judged.

Appearing on Today Extra this morning, West said that her words had been misinterpreted and that she wanted to clear the air on the entire fiasco.

"I'm not talking about full school uniforms or anything that requires ironing, god forbid, I'm just talking about tracksuits, stockings, t-shirts. Something simple to get them out of bed that bit easier," she told Sonia Kruger and David Campbell.

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"It was misinterpreted by some people as me doing it every night, full school uniform, not changing them if there are any accidents overnight which is not the case."

When probed by Kruger as to whether she was shocked at the swift and harsh reactions to her very frank admissions, West joked that after six kids there wasn't a lot that shocked her anymore.

She did, however, lament the current state of social media and the fact it is becoming increasingly easier for parents to jump online and criticise each other on their respective parenting styles.

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"What did concern me, was that in this day and age when families are becoming increasingly isolated  social media forums for me are sort of like the village that we had in the olden days," she told the program.

"It takes a village to bring up a child. People go there for support and advice.

"And if we're tearing each other down on social media, then people who really do need help and a shoulder to cry on aren't going to reach out for fear of being judged.

"That was my concern."

Although West did acknowledge that she believed everybody "deserved an opinion" and that people "can say what they like" about her, her biggest worry out of this controversy is for those who need help now not asking for it "out of fear".

And for that we can't disagree with her.

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