Neighbours' Madeleine West says her amazing figure is all "smoke and mirrors".

Madeleine West already had four small children with her partner (you might know him, he’s uber-famous Vue Du Monde chef Shannon Bennett), when she found out she had a pair of twin girls on the way.

Somehow the Aussie actress, who’s been in everything from Neighbours to Underbelly to House Husbands managed to carry six babies inside her tiny frame and lived to the tell tale.

These days she’s somewhat of a super mum as we discovered when she popped by the office a few weeks ago, she also has a knack for telling it like it is.

It’s no surprise then that 35-year-old gave a stellar response when asked how she manages to maintain such a svelte figure.

“[It’s all] smoke and mirrors” she told the Australian Women’s Weekly. “Without my Spanx, I have no waist and without my push-up, I am less cup overfloweth, more empty windsock.”

Madeleine West also had some kick-ass parenting tips. Post continues after video…

To be honest we don’t even know how she has time to eat between chasing around six kids under eight while also writing a book about six kids under eight (it’s called Six Under Eight, by the way).


I guess she does live with a world-famous culinary artiste.

Spanx for your honesty, Madeleine. Love your work.

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