Madeleine from The Bachelor refused to eat in front of Sam. I get it, Madeleine.

Before we all start throwing food at the girl who refused some food…

When Madeleine turned down a strawberry on The Bachelor last night, there was an audible groan in our office. “How can she think that’s attractive?” everyone said.

But we need to acknowledge that first dates are bloody awkward.

You may be nervous about what you’ll talk about. You may not know what to do with your hands. Or your eye contact. Or your breathing. Or your erratic heartbeat.

Now imagine having a first date, PLUS being in a competition against 13 other women, PLUS having the elements collectively turn against you within the first five minutes.

Guaranteed you’ll get a bad case of the uncomfortables. You may even make a face similar to this:

This is the situation that Madeleine from The Bachelor Australia found herself in in last night’s episode.

She had been picked to go on a one-on-one date with The Bachelor by the other women in the house.

“Sam” (the producers) had arranged a romantic boat ride for the two, followed by what we can only imagine was a delicious array of foods to follow after.

Unfortunately, the food was left to our imaginations, as Madeleine awkwardly stated she felt it was “embarrassing” to eat in front of Sam.

Video by Channel 10

Granted, her delivery comes across as a tad high maintenance.

But while the others watching with me in the Mamamia office groaned and said things like “is she kidding” and “as if guys actually care about that” and “what’s she going to do if they end up together?”, I remained silent.


For (and I am not proud to admit this), I too refuse to eat in front of dates.

Madeleine’s nerve-inducing competition:

This is not a deliberate decision.

I do not believe that not eating in front of men makes you appear more attractive, or more cute, or more dainty.

It’s just that I find I’m so nervous about the date itself that anything I put into my stomach threatens to come up immediately after.

In the form of vomit.

Which is definitely putting your best foot forward on a first date.

So instead, I politely decline the delicious bacon and don’t touch the usually mouth-watering donuts. I sit and will myself to calm down you fool and put some goddamn toast in your mouth.

But you know who I’m probably coming across like?

Our mate Madeleine.

I probably seem picky, and “girly” and precious.

Someone who probably thinks that eating in front of a date is failure of the most embarrassing kind.

Because couple not wanting to eat as well as rambling conversation due to first date nerves, and you’ve got yourself some terrible excuses as to why you are refusing food that are akin to some of Madeleine’s.

It’s not high maintenance. It’s just a sensitive stomach (which, fair enough, is a little bit high maintenance).

Either way, let us not judge those who awkwardly refuse to eat the strawberry because it’ll “get in their teeth”.

Because most likely, they are just generously sparing their date from witnessing said strawberry being presented back to them in a pureed form.

I get it Madeleine. I get it.

Do you have any weird ‘first date’ behaviour?

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