Madeleine McCann's mother believes her little girl is still alive.

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Mother of Madeleine McCann, Kate, has said she believes her daughter’s kidnapper did not take her “a million miles” from the Algarve, where she went missing in May 2007.

The then three-year-old vanished from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, and has sparked an ongoing international search since.

From her ongoing pain, Kate McCann, 47, has dedicated her life to helping other families cope with the loss of abducted children, and is now an ambassador for the charity Missing People.

Her own research has informed the belief that stolen children are not typically taken far from the scene of their kidnapping. The mother says the area of Madeleine’s disappearance is where she feels closest to her.

She told the Sun: “That’s where she last was and I don’t think she’s been taken a million miles from there. I’ve always said Praia da Luz is the place where I feel closest to her.”

Along with husband Gerry, Kate says she will not give up hope of finding her little girl.

“The urge to look for Madeleine absolutely hasn’t changed at all. You hear all the time about people who have been missing for years being found. There have been so many cases like that.

“We will never give up. You couldn’t settle if you thought about giving up. I want an end, an answer. Whatever that it is.”

Metropolitan police, since 2011, have been assisting local investigative authorities into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It is the “meticulous and painstaking work” of detectives and police that has been praised at length by the McCanns.

While the husband and wife continue their plight to return their daughter to safety, the year of 2015 saw the number of officers working on the case reduced.

Despite the passing time, and falling hopes of authorities, one thing is certain: Kate and Gerry McCann will not stop searching for their little girl.

You can find out more about the Missing People foundation here.

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