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Three years on from her daughter Maddison's death, Paula Murphy is still seeking justice.

Three years on from the mysterious death of Melbourne woman Maddison Murphy-West, justice may finally be served.

Maddison was found dead in her Pakenham apartment on 23 October 2013 by her then 24-year-old boyfriend, Troy Boothey.

The couple’s two-year-old son Noah was playing on the floor next to her, unaware of the tragedy going on around him.

Maddison and baby Noah. Source: Facebook

At the time, Troy told police he had found his 20-year-old girlfriend in a position indicating suicide. As the Herald Sun reports, he has never been charged.

Yet Maddison's mother, Paula Murphy has long suspected foul play, with police agreeing Maddison's body could have been manipulated to look like a suicide with another person involved in the crime.

Now, three years on, police investigators have reportedly sent a brief of evidence to the Victorian State Coroner in a bid to launch an inquest into the death.

“They need to face what has happened," Paula told the Herald Sun on Sunday.

Noah on the steps of Victorian Parliament. Source: Facebook

"This will never go away for us and they’ve just gone on living their lives.”

With Noah now living full-time with Paula, the grandmother says her suspicions of Troy have been long-running.

"Why isn't he screaming from the rooftops that he's innocent?" Paula asked on the Justice for Maddy Facebook page.

"I know that if l was being accused of murder l wouldn't just shug my shoulders and say 'l'v [sic] got things to do ya know.'"

Paula and Maddison. Source: Facebook

In addition to seeking justice for her daughter, Paula says the real challenge is ensuring Noah has the best childhood he can.

“He just doesn’t get it and we can’t explain it properly,” Paul said.

“I’m getting questions like, ‘Why can’t I have a sleepover at my other mum’s’?”

Noah visiting his mother's grave. Source: Facebook.

Troy was jailed just one month after Maddison's death for an unrelated offence.

Following his release, the now 27-year-old is facing further jail time for a number of thefts and drug-related offences.

A spokesperson for the coroner's office has said the evidence provided by Victoria police is currently being ­reviewed.