Today, TV said goodbye to one of its most wondrous style icons.

Joan. Oh, Joan. We’ll miss you, you legend.

It’s all over for Mad Men today. After seven years, they’re shutting down the agency (again) andheading off to drink hard liquor at the dive bar in the sky.

For some of us, the tears shed are all about Don Draper.

And for some us, they’re all about the clothes.

Because a wardrobe hasn’t been such a part of a show since Sex And The City. For which we have to thank costume designer Janie Bryant, who has been with the show since it began in 2007.

And the incredible job she did dressing the whole cast. But especially the inspirational Joan Holloway.

Joan, played by Christina Hendricks, progressed through out the seasons from the ad agency’s head secretary to partner in the company.

And she always, always looked glorious.

If you needed a reminder: (Post continues after gallery).

“She has some progressions, but her figure really is suited for that 50s design and silhouette,” Bryant told Vanity Fair.

“Christina and I always joke that Joan buys her clothing two sizes too small. It’s always about accentuating her hourglass. I’ve always seen her as this character who asserts herself in a very feminine way in the office. And she understands how to use those assets. She really holds onto that late-50s moment. I always thought Joan’s style icons would be Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Those women who always exude sexiness.”

Basically she has given curvy women the world over some serious style inspiration.

But, hey, let’s not stop at Joan.

We’re going to miss all of the evolving fashion from this iconic show.

Here are some of our other favourite Mad Men fashion moments. 

What television show has given you the most style inspiration?

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