Mac or PC? Arrogant? Moi?

“Are you self-centred, arrogant or conceited? Do you have a strong need for recognition? You must have a Mac” says new research by Mindset Media which surveyed 7500 Mac and PC users.
Well, I tick all those boxes and yes, I do have a Mac. Quelle coincidence!

There are more qualities that separate Mac users from PC users – something Mac has capitalised on its brilliant ad campaign starring Drew Barrymore’s boyfriend Justin Long as a cool, urbane Mac alongside a very uncool PC (naturally I think these ads are brilliant because I am self-centred, arrogant and conceited). The research found that Mac users consider themselves superior to PC users, are more likely to use teeth whitening products, buy organic food, purchase more shoes, go to Starbucks and drive a hybrid car.

My Mac loyalty has been tested lately with an exhausting technical
glitch that can’t be solved by any of the 37 people I’ve spoken to at
Apple Support during the past two months. While my PC-using husband
sniggers, I flatly refuse to even consider a return to the PC.
Mac users are also fiercely loyal and mindlessly stubborn….

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