"There's a reason I've been shying away from a matte lip. But these ones have won me over."

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If I’m honest, there’s a reason I’ve been shying away from wearing a matte lip. They’re an enigma, that’s why.

Some days, your matte lipstick glides on with ease, stays in place all day and makes you feel pulled together and polished.

On others, it’s all over your chin, teeth, fingers and forehead, for a reason yet to be determined.

If you’ve ever ended up on the wrong side of a matte lip, there’s a good chance it’s either because of the product or your application.

Thankfully, both are easily fixed.

First, let’s address the product. As the trend has gained in popularity, some of your favourite brands have given their matte lipstick formulas a much-needed upgrade.

No more dry, crepey edges or lips that feel like they’ve been set in cement. In 2018, beauty brands have managed to find the sweet spot between products that are easier to apply but dry to give a matte finish.

I put three such new and improved matte lipsticks from Myer on my face this week to see if they could withstand the rough and tumble of my day (and eating habits).

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $36.

Image: Myer/Supplied.
mac lipstick
You will now refer to me as Ruby Woo. Image: Supplied.

I'm sorry but Ruby Woo might just be the best name for a lipstick, ever. It's a classic bestseller, so not exactly new, but absolutely timeless.

Back to the actual lipstick, honestly I've never met a MAC lipstick I didn't like, and this matte formula is no exception.

This particular formula feels like everything you love about a matte lipstick, but without so much of the hassle. You'll feel the familiar grip or pull when applying, but it will still feel creamy, not thin and watery.

It also wears really well. Even at its worst (after lunch, for example), it mimics the look of a stain.

The colour is just the best, too.

Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick in Ultra Dior, $53.

Image: Myer/Supplied.
dior matte lipstickdior matte lipstick
This red lippie is sooooo good. Image: Myer/Supplied.

If Ruby Woo is your New York, Sex in the City self, Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick in Ultra Dior is your wearing a power pantsuit and dominating everything you do.

Unlike a traditional matte which grips and can drag on the lips, this formula applies like a butter. At first, I wasn't convinced it would dry matte, but after letting it set on the walk to the train, the end result was the strength of a matte with the freshness of a sheer... does that make sense?


This shade is a universally flattering red, no matter your skin tone.

Think of Dior Ultra Rouge as your unstuffupable lipstick. Great for beginners or when you don't have time to deal with prep and upkeep.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Colour in Tawny Pink, $56.

Image: Myer/Supplied.
Can you tell I was feeling myself in this colour? Image: Supplied.

I fell in love with this shade the moment I put it on.

Nude lippies are very subjective and mean different things to different people with different skin tones. That said, this Bobbi Brown matte lipstick in Tawny Pink is a great nude option for me.

This formula is quite typical of a traditional matte lipstick in that it doesn't glide on like a butter. You can also see the difference looking at the product - there's no shine or glass to the finish.

That doesn't mean it's dry though. How this lippie can get away with having such a matte finish is by having a really creamy, thick texture. rather than gliding, as such, it feels creamy on the lips which gives you that feeling of hydration.

This lipstick has a really impressive staying power. It doesn't bleed around the edges and was easy to maintain. It's also just a lovely colour and made me feel pulled together and just a little bit fancy.


Once you've found a product you like (you may need to kiss a few frogs to find 'the one'), all that's left to do is nail the application.

Matte lips are more high maintenance than a sheer or gloss finish, so prepping your lips with either a lip scrub or a generous amount of lip balm the night before will give you a good base to work with. If you've got really dry lips, you can also apply a small amount of lip balm before going in with your matte product.

Depending on the product you've chosen, a lip liner in a similar shade can help give the matte lipstick something to grip to, and keep it from depositing colour outside your lip line.

Finally, you might need to clean up the edges with a cotton tip dipped in makeup remover and some concealer around your lip line.

The good news is, once you've set your lip line, it's mostly just the centre of your lips that'll need refilling after lunch.

Sure, it might seem like a bit of work, but life's too short not to wear a matte lip every now and again.

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