Awesome dad makes art work for his kid's lunchbox. Wins lunchtime.

These notes are Marvel-ous.

Most of us have a hard enough time just getting up in the morning and getting our kids ready for their day. But, when Brent Almond’s son started preschool, the self-proclaimed ‘Designer Daddy’ decided to go the extra mile.

He grabbed a permanent marker, a humble post-it note and scribbled Batman’s face with a speech bubble that read, “Go get ‘em Jon!”.

Image via Instagram @superlunchnotes

Brent said, “I wanted to send a little bit of myself with him – probably more for my sake than for his.” And, his 5 year-old son was over the moon with the result.

Nineteen months later and Brent is still surprising his son with his amazing superhero-themed doodles. We want these drawings in our lunch bag please.

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 You can follow all of Brent's designs on his Instagram page and see more of his work at

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