CULT BUY: The workout pants that are an instant butt lift.

I am notorious for coming to things late when it comes to ~trendy~ things.

I’ve only just started watching Stranger Things and I’m still about four iPhone iOS updates behind.

So forgive me if what I’m about to tell you is old news to you. However for me, the belated discovery of Lululemon workout pants has been life changing. Or at the very least, butt changing.

I got my first ever pair (the Lululemon Align Pant II, to be specific) a couple of weeks and holy crap, they’re like an instant butt lift as soon as you put them on.

Image: Lululemon

The high-waisted band sits comfortably just underneath the belly button without feeling restrictive, lifting and holding everything in. No abs? No worries!

The lycra material is matte rather than shiny, so they can pick up fluff but they look and feel really smooth on the body.

At $119 a pair I'm under no illusion that they're cheap but they are worth it, even for their bum magic alone.

Image: Brittany Stewart

My sister (who exercises frequently) saw me in them and asked if I'd been doing squats. I laughed - it can only be the pants because the gym and I, well, let's just say we are currently estranged. It (or I) wasn't working out.

Basically, they're the pants to make you look like you exercise frequently, even if you don't. Keep  in mind they aren't full-on exercise pants though, more designed for yoga. I wear them walking and as a substitute for leggings/when I'm wearing my activewear out and about, as well as for a pair of nice-looking-but-still-comfy pants around the house.

I have the normal black pair but they're also available in eight other colours including teal and khaki.

I've washed mine several times now and they hold their shape and colour really well so far. Warning though - I have seen a few reviews that claim the material begins to pill after a few months though, so I'll be keeping an eye on that. (People have said popping in a garment bag before washing can help).

One thing to keep in mind, particularly if purchasing online, is that the sizes are quite strange. I'm normally a size 10 but in these pants I'm a Lululemon six. I thought it was a cruel joke until I put them on, and they fit perfectly - close fitting without being too tight. They go up to a (their size) 12 which if following the pattern would be the equivalent to a size 16.

I will be getting back to the gym (eventually) but for now these pants will do the trick.