Parents in a frenzy for doll that makes babies sleep through the night.

Desperate times call for desperate bids.

A sleep-inducing doll has sent parents into a buying frenzy after sold out retailers forced them to bid for them online.

The Lulla doll is designed to put babies to sleep by creating a synthetic heart-beat and breathing noises.

The dolls retail for $99 but demand has pushed their price on eBay to double and even triple that amount.

Source: Screenshot: Youtube/Roro.

Australian stockist Michelle Green told the Daily Telegraph she was selling out of shipments only days after they arrived.


“I’m packing and they’re going out the door as fast as I can get them," she said.

Sydney mum Rebecca Ilie told the paper she was so impressed with the effect of the doll she had ordered two more.

“I wore the doll for a couple of days so it smelt like me, then we put it in his cot. His sleep was dramatically improved within days and by three weeks he was sleeping through the night," she said.

Mums and dads are encouraged to allow the doll to absorb their smell before transferring them to the child.

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Video via Roro/Youtube

The doll was created by three Icelandic mums who teamed up with manufacturer Roro to create an army of soft, gender-neutral dolls.

The dolls come with velcro-straps to attach to the crib if the child is too young to cuddle.

Customers can purchase the dolls through standard online retailers but most are sold out with waiting lists that begin in September.

Ordering a Lulla may be the kind of thing you want to do somewhere between the pregnancy test and 'what to expect when you're expecting'.