The one woman both Luke and Davey from Bachelor in Paradise were most excited to meet.

We’ve all done it. You’re about to meet someone. You know their name, so you give them a quick Google. Next minute, you’re looking at pictures from their aunt’s step brother’s engagement party and HOW DID I GET HERE? It just… happens.

But we’re not alone. Even in the completely constructed Bachelor dating landscape, the contestants do their research, as did Bachelor in Paradise‘s Luke McLeod and Davey Lloyd.

We spoke to the boys about which girls they were most excited to meet on the show and the results were… interesting.

The Bachelorette season three’s Luke McLeod hadn’t watched many of The Bachelor‘s previous seasons, but Tara Pavlovic caught his eye when he first watched season five of The Bachelor, Matty J’s season.

“I had heard that Tara might have been going on [Bachelor in Paradise] and I always thought that she seemed like a lot of fun and just had great energy so I was looking forward to meeting her,” Luke told Mamamia. 

“Outside of that, I didn’t really know that many people, which in some ways probably could be a good thing, so I’m not going to go in there with any preconceived ideas,” Luke added.

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The Bachelorette season one’s Davey Lloyd also said Tara was the first person to come to mind. And that’s also who his mum had her eye on.

“I had met a few of them, but I hadn’t met Flo and Tara. Mum was like ‘go meet Tara, she’s you but in girl version,'” he said.

The pair have been rumored to be dating after Davey shared an Instagram photo with Tara.

Probably the only photo where we aren’t pulling a stupid face ????

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Davey was also interested in Megan Marx, after having met her previously.

We also asked Luke and Davey which people were different in person to how they were portrayed on TV.

Both agreed that while Keira was portrayed as the “villain” in Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor, she was incredibly likeable in person.

Bachelor in Paradise will air on Channel Ten this Sunday at 7.30pm.