Illustrator, graphic designer and artist, Luci Everett, is one seriously brilliant creative.

“I’m drawn to anything that feels eclectic or organic.”

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Melbourne based illustrator, graphic designer and artist, Luci Everett, is one seriously brilliant creative.

Throughout her work, Everett combines many mediums, watercolour, pencil, collage and paint, in an organic, beautiful way.

“I guess I love the relationships between textures and marks and the sometimes unexpected results when different mediums come to play. I’m drawn to anything that feels eclectic or organic.”

Growing up in outer east Melbourne, Everett says that she has always been a creative person.

“I grew up in outer east Melbourne, my parents were both teachers and run small businesses. My mum was the source of my creative interests – there was a lot of drawing and crafts going on. I completed a Bachelor of Communication Design (Graphic Design) at RMIT after high school, and have been freelancing since.”

(Image via Instagram/@lucieverett)

Inspiration for her works comes from many different places, and with the internet, the accessibility of inspiration and reference material is abundant, and is a constant inspiration for her.


“I’m discovering new illustrators, designers and artists that inspire me daily – recently, Lisk Feng, Cynthia Kittler, Dadu Shin, Mouni Feddag, Helen Frankenthaler, Anne-Sophie Tschiegg.”

“Names I am always coming back to – Cy Twombly, Chris Silas Neal, Danielle Kroll, Maira Kalman, Ken Done, Fred Williams, MASH, Sonnenzimmer. Art history wise, I’m always particularly drawn to the arts & crafts movement, impressionism, dadaism.” Everett says.

(Image via Instagram/@lucieverett)

Everett works between her small local Melbourne studio and her home, freelance designing or working on illustration or design project that she has coming up. A typical day for her varies quite a bit.

“If I’m working out of home, I’ll usually bike to the office. There are always a few of coffees involved. If I’m working at home, I can mix it up with a few domestics, errands, sometimes meeting friends.”

(Image via Instagram/@lucieverett)

But for now, Everett is working on a group exhibition coming up with a company of artists that she admires.

“It’s called Secret Garden, with works ruminating on plants and the human relationships with them. It opens October 1, and runs until the 18th at Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood.”

You can check out more from Everett on her website, or on Instagram.

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