What everyone's thinking about the woman who can't hear men due to stress.

Hearing loss, of course, is no laughing matter.


According to a report by the Daily Mail a woman in China has a very rare condition where she, exclusively, cannot hear the voices of men.

What's the... never mind.

It is believed the hearing loss is a result of stress, long hours at work and very little sleep.

One day, according to her specialist, the young woman referred to as Ms Chen, returned from work and could no longer hear her boyfriend's voice.

For reasons that are not yet clear, this distressed her, and they ended up at the hospital.

But... the people have some thoughts.

And their thoughts are: "Is Ms Chen's condition contagious because I want me some of that."

Ladies, pls.

Twitter responded with philosophical questions like, "Is it hearing loss or hearing gain?" and "hearing loss, or... evolution?"

Omg so true.





Poor Ms Chen.

Now she won't ever be able to know the joy of having her own idea repeated back to her by a man who then somehow ends up with all the glory.

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