Two mums are trying to help you embrace your post-baby body. Is it working yet?

Forget wrinkles. These are the lines you need to learn to love.

Two anonymous mums have banded together to try and improve the body image of all women by launching the Instagram account “loveyourlines“. In less than a week it has gained over 25,000 followers and hundreds of mums have sent in photos of their stretch marks.

Some of the mums are proud of their bodies, some are still struggling to accept the changes.

The founders state on the site, “We would love a photo showcasing a part of your body that you think will inspire others to feel good about themselves (a part that you may have struggled with in the past or currently.) Thank you so much for courageously sharing.”

We have put together our favourite photos from the account. We hope they make you feel as good as they made us feel.

How have you come to embrace your post-baby body?

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