Contestants on Love Island just had graphic sex on TV, but that's only part of the scandal.

In case you missed it, British TV show, Love Island is creating quite the stir.

The show, which pairs two strangers together and hopes they likes on another, has been the centre of controversy following their uncensored presentation of sex.

However, scandal reached new levels with the latest episode graphically showing housemates, Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh, having sex.

And when we mean graphic, we mean on top of the covers with no pixelated bits. Everything for everyone to see.

Not only this, but devout fans were left outraged after Terry, 27, moved on so quickly from his former partner, Malin Andersson.

Check out what goes on in Love Island. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Upon entering the villa, Emma swore she wouldn’t have sex with anyone on TV but has quickly changed her boundaries.

“I told you- no sex on TV,” Emma first told Terry. “It’s not a joke, I’m sure you can cope.”

Fellow housemates were left gobsmacked – quite literally – after being woken up to see the pair brazenly “going at it”.

Sophie said, “Well, how opinions can change. I literally could not believe what I was seeing. Emma, just sat there – doing it all – ridin’ him like a buckin’ bronco.”

With Olivia clearly wanting to remove the whole incident from her memory.

“It was like when you want to look but don’t want to look. I feel like they blocked us out – like they have blinkers on like horses do and carried on.”

Watching the show was Terry’s former lover, Malin, who appeared quite upset by how quickly he moved on.

Since the episode aired, Emma has said that her dad – who watches the show – will be left disgusted by what she did.

“Me and Terry had a bit of a kiss and a cuddle when we went upstairs last night.

“My pops is very disapproving, so he won’t like that very much.”