The winners of Love Island have been crowned and the losers' faces said it all.

Put down the mango daiquiris pls.

The Love Island Australia winners have just been announced and they are *** drum roll *** GRANT AND TAYLA.

Yep, the Dean and Davina of the Love Island villa just took out the whole motherflippin’ competition.

In case you missed it, Grant and Tayla’s path to true villa-based love wasn’t always easy.

When they first entered the villa, Grant coupled up with Cassidy, and Tayla coupled up with Josh.

Then it happened.

They started doin’ a sneak and they started doin’ the bants.

Fanny flutters were had and there were even some willy wobblers.

Cassidy became suspicious and Grant assured her that nothing was going on.

Josh had no idea and spent most of his time talking to the giant inflatable flamingos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Then it all came to a head at the next recoupling when Tayla chose to recouple with Grant.

Later that night they got a lil’ bit frisky in the bed and it was all a bit ick for the other villas… especially Cassidy.

Once Cassidy was voted out of the villa, the whole Grant/Tayla/Cassidy drama subsided and Australia began to warm to the couple.

Then we bloody fell in love with ’em.

Except for Eden and Erin, that is, who came runners up and looked positively gutted/pissed off/angry about their loss.

Their faces said it all:


Here’s how Australia reacted to the news: