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"We were recorded for 24 hours." Love Island's Sam on what it's really like behind the scenes.

We’re just one week into the new season of Love Island Australia and the drama is certainly well underway.

From the controversial reveal of Maurice’s ex girlfriend Christie Swadling in the ‘Love Island Times’ newspaper to Matthew and Eoghan’s, erm, wrestling match, tonight’s episode was no different.

On tonight’s episode, the islanders took part in the very first re-coupling ceremony of the season.

As the newest members of the villa, islanders Anna and Phoebe were the first to choose their partner. While Anna chose Gerard, Phoebe chose Cassie in the show’s first same sex coupling.

Watch the promo video for Love Island Australia 2019 below. Post continues after video.

Once all the contestants were re-coupled, Maurice and Sam were the last men standing and in the end, Cynthia chose Maurice, leaving Sam to pack his bags.

Following his departure from the villa, we spoke to Sam about what it’s really like behind the scenes on Love Island.


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Although life on Love Island looks like a constant summer party, contestants are subject to some pretty full on filming conditions.

“The cameras are all visible so you can see where they are facing and who they are facing,” Sam told Mamamia.

“During the incident with Vanessa, Matt and myself, as soon as there was a little bit of a disagreement between us, we could definitely hear all of the camera turning. You could hear these ‘whoosh’ noises – it was definitely all eyes on us,” he explained.

“Anywhere you sit or stand in the villa, you were covered by a microphone and a camera. You were recorded for 24 hours of the day, every single day.”

According to Sam, showering isn’t exactly private in the villa either.

“There are only two showers in the villa – they are pretty visible but the screens are blanked out,” Sam shared.

“Out of respect for the girls, we let the girls shower first and then the guys would shower afterwards. You do [sometimes see each other naked], but some people will shower in boxers. For me, I showered naked. It didn’t really phase me, it just felt like I was at work or something.”

Sophie Monk shares what you need to know about this year’s Love Island on Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast, The Spill:

But while the contestants have to deal with constant surveillance, there are some pretty big perks to being on the show.

“There’s a catering business that we had lunch and dinner with and then for breakfast, we just had bacon or toast or things like that,” the Melbourne-based DJ shared.

“If there was anything we wanted, we just asked production and they obliged. They looked after us very, very well.”


When they’re not competing in challenges, the contestants spent most of their time chatting and working out.

“There’s always a lot going on,” Sam shared.

“There’s always general chit chat going on around the villa. We’re always staying fit at the gym. A lot of talk about what’s going on in the villa and lots of speculation,” the 28-year-old added.

“It’s pretty much 24/7 talking about feelings and relationships. It’s full on and it’s obviously Chinese whispers in there trying to figure out what’s the truth and what’s going on.”


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Since Love Island premiered on Australian screens last year, contestants and producers alike have shared some interesting insights into what goes on behind the scenes.

Last year, the show’s executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis, told Nine that the islanders are allowed to drink some alcohol but the amount is closely moderated by the crew members on set.


Mavroidakis also shared that there’s a total three day lockdown on phones and internet before the contestants enter the villa to prep them for life with no outside world contact.

Despite a lockdown on phones and internet, however, the islanders did get some access to the outside world during tonight’s episode when the contestants were informed that Maurice’s ex-girlfriend had been doing interviews, sharing that she had been dumped just two weeks before Maurice entered the villa.

love island maurice
Christie learned that Maurice was going Love Island when he changed his Instagram bio. Image: YouTube.

"We sort of took it with a grain of salt," Sam said, when asked about the revelation.

"There's definitely a 'what if?' there – is it true or is it not? Why would a girl go all the way to Kyle and Jackie O?

"There's so many question marks on that but I'll guess we'll find out as it all sort of plays out. If he did, then he's definitely in there for the wrong reasons but only he'll know that himself."

Sharing his thoughts on Maurice, Sam added: "Maurice is a tricky one."

"He sort of comes out with guns blazing and I think he kissed Jessica within an hour or two. It was some sort of Love Island record," he said.

After a few days, that sort of faded out and he went a little quiet if I'm honest. He just doesn't really gel with the guys and girls in there too much."



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Although Sam was one of the first islanders to leave the villa, he's still open to appearing on reality TV again.

After all, it's not the first time he's applied to appear on a reality dating show.

"Last year, I went through the whole auditioning process for Married At First Sight," Sam told Mamamia.

"I was meant to go [on the last season] but then at the last minute, unfortunately it didn't pan out," he explained.

"I did get contacted about three weeks ago to appear on the season that they're shooting now but I already had prior commitments [Love Island]."

Love Island Australia airs Monday to Friday on Channel Nine at 8.30pm.

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