The strongest bond in the Love Island villa might be about to crack.

Put down the giant inflatable flamingo pls.

Some serious sh*t has just gone down in Sophie Monk’s sex villa.

You see, on the last episode of Love Island, Erin and Eden were tasked with choosing a boy to send home.

They chose the literal ray of sunshine that is Justin over the short version of that guy who’s in that show about motorbikes and what not.

I think his name is… Jaxon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Anyhoo, tonight’s episode opened with a villa that was divided.

People were p*ssed that Justin was no longer there, talking about how ridiculously good looking he is and tensions were high.

At one point Eden and Grant grabbed each other by their shirts which felt weird… because they were wearing shirts.

Later that night Eden and Erin said ‘I love you’.

Then it happened.

A very sneaky man named Teddy did a sneak into the villa as a DJ.

love island australia 2018 eden erin teddy
SSSSSSHHHHHHH. It's a secret.

After watching the islanders do a dance for hours (which seems... pervy) it was announced that he's the new islander.

He then told the stunned giant inflatable flamingos islanders that he was allowed to choose someone for a date and he was choosing... Erin.

Yep, the same Erin who had just declared her love for her island boyfriend of two weeks.

Erin said he had a death wish, which feels a tad dramatic.

Then she said he should leave the villa as a "gentleman" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Eden said he was a "dog"... which is, quite frankly, offensive to my small Jack Russell, Vincent.

And then Erin and Teddy appeared to have a pretty normal, undramatic chat.

Except... Eden did not like it... not one bit.

There be testosterone a-stirrin'.

Until tomorrow night...