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Bachie and Louise share a selfie of #love. Because freedom.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like the end of an exclusive magazine deal…

After weeks of posting cryptic messages and sneaky holiday snaps on social media, Bachie Blake and his third choice, true love Louise Pillidge, have shared their first selfie as an official couple. #truelove.

Until now they have chosen, out of respect for Blake’s ex Louise, to only pose for paid pictures for women’s magazines, but now they are free to show the world that dammit, they won’t hide their love away.

Louise, posted the photo on her Instagram profile yesterday with the caption ‘Love @blakegarvey #thebachelorau #happiness #love’.

In case you couldn’t tell with the caption, we think she wants the world to know they’re in love.

When Blake hit up Derby Day at Melbourne’s Flemington race course on Saturday, he took Louise’s dad as his date, while Louise practised weddings in Queensland, leaving our fearless Bachie to face his recently dumped ex Sam alone.

Drama ensued, but Blake soldiered on, telling the Daily Mail, “We are very, very happy together,”

He also gushed he wants to start a family with Louise. Bit awkward, given he was in the same room with her dad and the fiance he dumped just weeks ago.

We’re so very #happy for them.