"Drawing is an expression and a visual language I could not live without."

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Look around you. What do you see? Your environment can shape your day, your mood, your future career.

For Louise Jaeger, her environment inspires her passionate artwork.

“I am totally inspired by my environment on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I’m surrounded by treetops full of wildlife, noises and breezes. I love that I can hear nature so close to my back door.”

“Drawing is an expression and a visual language I could not live without.”

Despite being self-taught, Louise she has an incredible set of skills that highly trained artists would envy. She’s been creating for as long as she can remember and has to force herself to step away from her children’s school art projects.

“I’ve always loved art and I try to learn from others who are great at their trade. I had a lovely art teacher in primary school who taught me to draw and a difficult art teacher in high school who taught me how to think. Art takes me to a technical, methodical but strangely joyous place I simply love. And if I had my way dinner would never get cooked and I would work through the night.”

When most of us say what’s on our mind, Louise paints it. “It can get quite hectic,” she said.

“Art takes me to a technical, methodical but strangely joyous place.”

She’s constantly working to improve her art by looking at different pieces – and never putting down the brush.

“I paint each night after to unwind and get lost in a forest. It relaxes me, teaches me to keep things in perspective and to end each evening with a special meaningful activity. I just love it.”

To view more of Louise’s work, you can find her Facebook by clicking here and her Instagram by clicking here.

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