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Three years after losing his wedding ring, a man found a carrot wearing it.

It’s every husband or wife’s worst nightmare: you look down at your hand to realize you’ve lost the physical symbolism of your love and commitment to each other. You’ve lost your wedding ring.

That was the reality for an 82-year-old German man who lost his wedding band in his garden in Bad Muenstereife shortly after his 50th wedding anniversary.

German news outlet WDR reports that after three years of searching, the man had given up any hope that he might ever find his ring again – but his wife never did, assuring him it would eventually resurface.

They say carrots are good for your eyes, and evidently, they’re also good for your heart. Last week, the ring reappeared. The man pulled a carrot out of the ground and found it wrapped around the vegetable growing in his garden.

Astonishingly, the carrot grew through the ring, leaving the band embedded around it.

According to reports, when he discovered the lost treasure, he said, “You reap what you sow.”

Tragically, his wife could not be there to celebrate his miraculous find after she died six months ago.

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