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Creepy or romantic? Man uses a woman's lost phone to ask her out in the most public way possible.

This is definitely not a rom-com.

Monica Cook is a Sydney DJ. She lost her phone on the train yesterday, only to find out hours later that it had been found not long after.

How did she know? Well, because the supposedly kind and honest person who found it, ‘Luke’, left her a little note on her Facebook page.

Luke updated her status, letting her know that he would leave it at Town Hall station officials, before asking her out for a drink.


Hi Monica! I found your phone on the train, you should really change your unlock password as that was an easy guess….

Posted by Monica Cook on Thursday, January 14, 2016

It’s romantic and cute right? Plus, he left her credit and Opal cards alone, as well as the cash that she kept in her phone case.

And in this day and age, it doesn’t seem like there’s a more efficient way of letting someone know where their lost phone may be, especially when most of us are always logged into our Facebook pages on our phones.

But here’s the thing – Monica wasn’t.

Her phone-finder Luke acknowledges that he guessed her password and logged into her Facebook page. On top of that, he went into her Tinder account and swiped right on himself. Isn’t that just a little bit over the line? If she was logged off of Facebook (which she was), he could have just texted her “mum” or “dad”, or maybe given the last person she spoke to a call.

Monica texted Luke later on to say thank you for handing her phone in. She doesn’t seem too fazed by the fact that a stranger had just given himself access to a lot of her personal details.

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook account is linked to pretty much everything – from emails to websites like Livingsocial, which also contain my credit card details.

So yeah, maybe Luke was ‘honest’ by leaving her cards and money alone, and for returning her phone. But by giving himself access to her Facebook by actually logging in with a password, he now potentially has access to way more. That doesn’t seem all that romantic and honest to me.

And let’s be honest, going into a stranger’s Tinder is also just plain weird.

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